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SEMRush Review - Best SEO Tool?

There are lots of other SEO tools out there, but SEMRush is leading best SEO All in one tool, very useful for digital marketing experts and Web sites/blogs owners.
SEMrush is made by Top SEO and SEM experts. 

SEMRush offers the best detailed and advanced digital and SEO marketing metrics.
It is the most extensive SEO competition intelligence solution in Digital Marketing.
SEMRush is best known for its competitive analysis features, which give you valuable information for your web site plus your competition too!
Increasing your organic traffic isn't simple. It requires a considerable measure of investment and research  to discover high performing keywords. The best way to discover beneficial keywords is to research your rivals.
SEMRush will help you effectively research your rival's keywords, their backlinks and nearly everything.

The most effective method to Dominate Google And Crush Your Competitors.

SEMRush is the best Digital Marketing & SEO tool for
  1. Website Audit & Report
  2. Competitors Research - keywords, backlinks, rankings and many more
  3. Search Engine Position Tracking
  4. Backlinks Analysis and Audit 
  5. Keyword Research
  6. PPC Research
  7. Content Planning
  8. Social Media Monitoring
 It is an excellent tool to consider for your SEO campaign.


Having  small or big niche website or corporate website, ranking high in the search engine results pages (SERPs) is the greatest goal of every webmaster. It bring you a lot of targeted web traffic.
SEMRush perfectly offers best  SEO requirements from every website owner regardless of the niche or size of the website.You will find SEMRush very helpful and so easy to use even without any skills.

Benefit from your competitors!

Develop perfect content and advertising strategies

1. Competition Analysis: SEMRush enables you to quickly find your competitors and conduct a thorough analysis of their SEO strength (and weakness) and use this information to strategically compete with them. We’ll discuss this in detail.
2. Effective Link Building: You’ll never find link building easier than when you use SEMRush — because you’ll see all the backlinks that your competitors have, where they got each link, and when they got it.
Rather than guessing your competitor’s strength, you can access their backlink data and leverage it to knock them off the organic listing.
This backlink data will not just save you lots of time and efforts, it’ll guarantee your success, too.
3. Advanced Keyword Research: SEMRush keyword research tool is insanely comprehensive, unlike most other keyword research tools out there.
With SEMRush, you’re not only able to perform basic keyword research, you’ll equally be able to figure out which keywords your competitors are ranking high for and their overall strength.
That’s not all, you can also use the “Related Keywords” feature to identify new keywords in your niche that you never knew existed.
4. Complete Website Audit: SEMRush lets you to effectively perform an SEO audit of your website and easily figure out where improvements are required.
5. Social Media Marketing: For your information, social media can be a treasure-trove and you can boost your social media traffic when you use SEMRush to calculate your social media reach and compare it to your competitors’.
6. Strategic Organic Research: You can use SEMRush to easily generate an in-depth organic research report based on a domain or keyword phrase. This organic research contains all the needed parameters to build a tactical search engine marketing plan.
7. PPC Advertising Insight: PPC advertising can be very challenging, annoying, and frustrating. Especially when you’re not targeting the right keywords.
Worse case scenario, you could waste thousands of dollars on your pay per click campaigns. The good news is that SEMRush lets you look into your competitor’s campaign with respect to paid keywords and leverage this useful data to your advantage.

Enhance Your Website SEO
Want to know whether you're hit by Google refreshes like Panda or Penguin? Furthermore, need to settle and recoup from Google refreshes? SEMrush gives you a rundown of the considerable number of issues your site has, and you can correct them to a superior web site in search engines.
If you having troublesome circumstances in expanding your site search traffic despite the fact that you are posting quality contents, you have to discover and fix them.

Gratefully, this SEO tool  gives all of you the information that you need. You can utilize the recommendations to enhance your general search engine rankings.

Analyze Your Competition

What keywords your competitors are ranking for? With SEMrush, there’s no need to wonder. Enter your local, nationwide and global competitors’ URLs to see what keywords they are ranking for and compare/contrast the keywords they are using. Keep an eye on what they are doing so that you can tweak your keywords accordingly. In addition, you can also view the traffic to your competitor’s website. 

Post To Social Media

This feature that really makes SEMrush unique - you can preschedule your posts to Facebook and Twitter. Yes, there are other tools that can do this for you, but SEMrush has a few features that most cannot compare with. For example, you can get additional post ideas, reschedule successful posts, and analyze your post-performance in the same place that you are analyzing your overall digital performance. 

In-Depth SEO Audit

There are lots of free and simple “SEO audit” tools out there, some are even built into WordPress. However, the tools in SEMrush are quite advanced. Learn the real-time tweaks you can make to your website and content in order to improve your organic reach. This includes a backlink tracker that ensures your links are high-quality and still live. You can even track your competition's backlinks.

Layout And Reporting

While there are worthy competitors with some similar features, they just aren’t as easy to read. However, SEMrush does an excellent job of visualizing data in a manner that even new and DIY marketers can easily comprehend.


The current monthly subscriptions are $99.96 per month for the Pro plan, $199.95 per month for the Guru plan, $399.95 per month for the Business plan, and custom quotes which are available for the Enterprise plan.

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