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Followlike - Social Media & Traffic Booster

Followlike - Social Media & Traffic Booster

Followlike is a unique social exchange platform, SEO Booster, Backlinks - Sell & Buy, Micro tasks & Sign ups - referrals, Youtube , Autosurf & Manual surf Traffic Exchange and a lot more... !!! FollowLike is a Social, SEO and Traffic Exchange system, where users can use credits to get other users to like,follow/subscribe,share ... and many more, their profiles or link to their website, post about their website, profile, youtube and more. People get credits by paying for them or doing any of the above activities. Users looking for a any kind of  service are connected with other people looking for the same service. Followlike make sure its users does not  use of bots (if they do account will be suspended) and ensures organic growth and new web traffic and Social media services  is offered to all members. 

  • More than 2 Millions Members from over 200 countries
  • All aspects of SEO and Social Promotion covered
  • Fast and user friendly system
  • Top support system .
  • No. 1 tool for generating more traffic on your website & social accounts
  • Quick registration and free points just for signing up
The platform is designed to ensure customers get the best out of their social accounts over multiple networks. It comes as an SEO tool that uses link building, SEO tools, and social media to help to grow and promote a business across various social media networks. Founded in 2013, the website has made a great impact on the business of many.

FollowLike is a traffic exchange where you earn coins for following, subscribe, share, likes, tweets, youtebe views,like, shares; soundcloud play etc. etc.
They also have AUTOMATIC website browsing and YouTube browsing that allows you to earn coins on autopilot! 

Followlike is a free social exchange site where thousands of users share content. This gives you access to unlimited number of social shares for your site, followers, subscribers, shares, likes, bookmarks... and so many more. You can also use Followlike to drive free traffic to your site.

Get Free Traffic

Social shares are important for any site, as they bring in traffic and boost rankings. Followlike gives you social backlinks from Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr (and others). You can also get fans and followers for your social media accounts. There is a traffic exchange where you can get free traffic to your web pages.
Followlike works on a credit system. You add your social media accounts and URLs and bid for shares and clicks. The more you bid the quicker your content gets shared or clicked. You earn credits by sharing or clicking on other users content. If you do not have time to do this you can buy credits cheaply.

400 Coins for each new active referral.

200 Coins login bonus every day - this is 10 shares, likes, followers ... every day free just to login in your account 
15% of all your referral's Coin earnings for life.
$0.15 Cash for each active referral. Cash out available at $20.00 via PayPal.
5% Cash from your referrals coin purchases. Cash out available at $20.00 via PayPal.
Earn 1 coin for every visitor you send to your referral link!

Now while that is good when you are just starting the real benefit is when you buy credits. For about $10 you can get enough credits for around 300 people to like/follow etc. your social profiles. I think that is decent since you know these are real people, not an automated bot. If these people will engage or not is another matter as they are mostly just doing it for the credits, but it is still a nice boost in numbers and can make your posts look better for having a lot of shares. 

Followlike have a section of micro-tasks which you can do or place. These are small assignments typically a sign-up or leaving a review. For earning credits these can be done quickly and earn you a lot more credits than following a social profile usually 10-30 times as much. For posting them you can get people on a mailing list or to signup as a referral cheaply.I using it  to get people to signup, get referrals ... shorty to make money with My Online Business. Its work well and over the period of only 1 years i got more that 300 referrals alone!!!


Followlike is an SEO promotion tool that uses link building, seo tools and social media to help you grow your business, while improving your Social Networks, Websites, Videos & Music, Blogs, Backlinks & Bookmarks. You can promote anything you need as we connect you with other people looking for the same. Improve search engine rankings and get free Facebook likes & free twitter followers from users who will genuinely interact with their web platforms.

Social Media & Traffic Booster

New website or old one? it does not matter. What does matter is traffic, backlinks, search engine ranking and social networking else customers dont know you exist. Followlike has many SEO tools that will help you improve search engine optimization and increase website traffic including backlinks and Unique Article Spinner. So improve your social media statistics today.

Likes, Shares & Bookmarking

Why do you need more social networking? Social media now plays a huge part in your SEO. Increasing your subscribers, followers, fans, likes & shares on your social media sites is vital. What is seo? Major search engines use it to rank your websites popularity, so the more Social Exchanges you get the better you rank. This can be in the form of Likes or Social Bookmarks.

The most important part with Followlike is that you can buy or sell Backlinks for coins/tokens. So if you want to get backlinks for yous site, blog... sign up here, than you can choose backlinks by DA PA Moz Rank, Alexa traffic rank, how long to have the backlink (1week to up to 1years). You can even sell Backlinks for coins too. Its so easy just submit your site and automatic you will see how many coins you will get for it. Trust me this section here is so powerful - www.anywebstuff.com used so much and for 6 mounts i got DA 35 PA 41 Moz rank 4.1 only using Followlike.

Your Website

Promote your website across major platforms and explode your Traffic & Sales whilst improving its SEO

Your Business

Let the world know about your business and drive new Clients, Customers and Sales straight to you.

Your Band, Tracks & Videos

The world will know about your Band, Tracks or Videos by improving your exposure on major platforms.
Your Social Networks
Your Social Networks will greatly improve from followers, to likes and shares across leading social platforms.
Get Free Traffic

Article Rewriter

Rewrites articles to appear to have unique content using thesaurus definitions.
Article Simplifier
Does the opposite of rewriter making your articles simpler to read again

Spintax Creator

This tool will allow you to create your own spintax on every word of your content
Spintax Testing
Test your own spintax and see the results generated from each spin.

Character Counter

Our character counting tool is great for checking meta data, and content length

Twitter Tweet Counter

Check the length of your tweets to ensure they meet the required length.

URL Shortner

Shorten links for social media or content sharing individually or in bulk

Link Building

Meta tag Creator

Create detailed meta tags using our simple input form with guides

The most Advanced Social Promotion online. Never pay for fake followers, likes or traffic when you can get them from real people who want to be part of your Networks. Best of all its FREE
  • More than 2 Millions Members from over 200 countries
  • All aspects of SEO and Social Promotion covered
  • Fast and user friendly system
  • Top support system .
  • No. 1 tool for generating more web traffic on your website & social accounts
  • Quick registration and free points just for signing up


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