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Guest posts  and therefore Guest posting is when a writer who owns his or her own blog (not nessesery to own blog), creates a unique and original post on another blog or site in exchange for at least mention or backlink to his/her blog or site. Sometimes whriter even get paid for the Guest post!

It is a content marketing and digital, internet marketing SEO strategy  of publishing a post or article on a website that isn’t yours with the main target to attract more people. Therefore you should get more web traffic (referral traffic) to your website and increasing  its search engine rankings for your targeted keywords, meaning even more Targeted and Organic web traffic to your site. Web traffic is most important - No traffic, No customers, ....... NO ONLINE BUSINESS !!!

Guest Posting is a common off-page SEO strategy used to gain publicity, but more importantly acquire backlinks.
In SEO, Guest Posting is a method using when you write an article for a website and get a link to your website/blog in return. You may also link to your social media profiles.
It is a win-win situation for both the parties - the writer and the blog owner. You get a link from the website, while the website owner gets valuable content for his/her site.
However, it has much more advantages and is not limited to just backlinks and  link building​ at all.
Example -  you guest posted on a popular blog having a lot of web traffic with many  email subscribers and social followers.If your post is good enough, should make you popular among the readers of that blog. Not only that, you will also get the opportunity to interact with them through blog comments, which is so big advantage. Also, guest posting is a source of unlimited referral traffic to your blog.If properly done, it will increase your social following, web site authority, help you grow your brand and so on ... !

So ones again, guest posting on other blogs or sites is five times as valuable as creating new content on your own site (as long as you get the backlink)!!!
Why? - New market explosure, grow your brand ... !
It's a great way to connect with new readers and get your name/brand even more recognized!

From the perspective of inbound marketing, guest posting is a very interesting method because of its ability to attract more traffic and give greater visibility to content.
In the guest posting, also known as guest blogging, two different elements come into play: the guest author and the blog or the website where the collaboration is published. This dichotomy causes two different types of benefits to taking place: the advantages for the guest, and those that have to do with the blog on which the guest post is published.
The advantages for the guest author
Receive a request to write a blog isn't our own, but a topic that interests us can be considered a good personal and professional opportunity to:
Increase your visibility
If you are not a well-known author, participating as a guest blogger in a blog with more visits and more reputation can open the doors to a wider audience and, moreover, position yourself little by little as an expert in the field.
Improve your professional relationships
Collaborating with other posts is a great way to generate and maintain relationships with other professionals, making you move forward in giant steps in the field of social media.
Generate links to your blog
Guest posting is considered one of the most effective link building tactics today.
Advantages for the blog
Guest posting is a practice capable of generating positive synergies in a double direction. Consequently, at the same time that the guest author is benefited by this activity, the blog that incorporates an external signature in its content offer will obtain the following advantages:
Get more traffic
Accept guest authors in the blog, especially if they are experts in the subject to be treated and even better if they have a certain professional reputation, it will translate into a higher quality, depth, variety, and versatility of the contents. As you probably already know, quality content has the attribute of becoming powerful magnets, capable of attracting new users to our blog, as well as of loyalty to those we already have.
Earn links and greater visibility
The generation of links is a reciprocal issue. Therefore, just as the author can gain links with his collaboration, the blog where his articles are published will also benefit from a greater number of links (especially if it is a guest with authority), and also more visibility of the posts.
Improve SEO
Linked to the previous points, the higher quality and frequency of content update, coupled with the attainment of quality links, will help us to improve the organic positioning (SEO) of our blog in the search engines.
Achieve more subscribers
Improving visibility with good content and proper positioning is the best way to create the ideal context to get more subscribers to our blog, as some of them could be contacts or readers of our guest bloggers.
A support for inbound marketing

We have seen that a guest author can make us get more traffic, get more visibility, generate more subscribers and improve the SEO of our website. If you know what the strategy known as inbound marketing consists of, you will have realized that a guest post can help boost most of its objectives, to which we can add that these subscribers can also become leads (users who provide us your data in a form).

ANYWEBSTUFF.COM always welcome guest post writers, who can take an active part and contribute some of your very own quality knowledge in the form of a blog post. We are interested in receiving your own, well-written, quality & unique posts in variety 
of topics which should inspire and satisfy ours readers.
Guest posting” means writing and publishing an article on someone else's website or blog. It's a great way to connect with new readers and get your name out.

If this sounds like something you would like to get involved with, why not take a quick look through our Guest Posting Guidelines and then Contact us by email!

You may contact us directly on   Facebook    Twitter

Publish the post on the best target blog, with high page rankings, from where you can expect to get a lot of genuine traffic. An imperative part of guest blogging is increasing in traffic to your site. This connection will send quality traffic to your site after somebody reads your blog post. An increase in site traffic implies more Visitors are going to your site to find out about your Services.
To Search Guest posting site
You just search for “[your niche]” + “[search keywords]”
Some search strings
  1. Guest posting
  2. write for us
  3. guest post
  4. contribute to our site
  5. suggest a post
  6. guest posts wanted
  7. writers wanted
Write Guest Post Request Email:
Hi [Name],
My name is [your name] from [website name]. I’ve been following your blog since {Year}.
Your recent post [blog topic] truly impacted me. I thought it was something my audience would appreciate, so I shared it with my social media.
You can find the example of some of my works below –
Post link #1
Post link #2
Post link #3
The post will be unique and high-quality, written for your blog (that your audience will love).
Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to working with you!
Your Name
Ask For Links:
Share the link with them and ask if they may be willing to add it to their article
The key to guest posting is networking, the more relationships you build with people in your industry, the better… you get. As, if you know someone who works at a particular company, you’re more likely to be able to persuade them to scratch your back, so to speak.
If you’re interested in obtaining a guest post, there are companies that you can outsource this task to, who have already built these relationships within the industry.
One particular company that springs to mind, and I personally use them, they’re called The Hoth.
They provide their clients with affordable SEO services and no contracts, all with 24/7 Live Chat functionality. Their packages start from $69 and some agencies even pay them $10,000 per month.
They have a great case study demonstrating their past results, where they’ve improved traffic to some of their client websites by up to 842.4% - Find out Here!

If you want or you already started your SEO and backlinks building, it will be heplfull to read more about SEO backlinks.
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