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Benefits of LongTail Keywords

Benefits of LongTail Keywords

Are you struggling to get organic traffic from Google?

Maybe it's because all of those juicy Keywords are dominated by Authorities in your niche and mega-Publications.

Well I am going to tell you one thing that's going to solve this Problem
It's called Longtail Keywords

Optimizing your site for long tail keywords rather than general keywords is a must for faster ROI
But first of all What's Longtail Keywords?

There are many misunderstanding on exactly what it is
Today I am going to share my interpretation of what a long tail Keyword is.
Basically, in simple terms, long tail Keywords are any keyword phrases longer than 3 or 4 words that form a semi-sentence and contain keywords.
They generally have lower search volumes and are less popular than their counter-parts Short Tail keywords.
They are also more very specific.

Something like this would be considered a long Tail Keyword such as How to download Dream league soccer MOD APK. That's much super-specific than something like "dream league mod apk"

People are now searching more specifically these days more than ever, and that too with complete sentences.
This trend is increasing for a quite a few years And it's only gonna get bigger and that means people are gonna be searching a more specific location, type, piece of information and so on in order to find exactly what they are looking for.

Over 70% of search queries on all search engines are over 4+ words.

In a nutshell, these are the benefits of Long Tail Keywords:

1) The competition is less
2) They produce very highly relevant results to that topic
3) When they type in the Longtail Keyword, There is often more specific user intent ( meaning they are looking for exactly what they want)

Although you may need, a keyword research tool for it.
So, without further ado, Here are the major advantages of Longtail Keywords.

Benefit 1: They convert Better

Long tail Keywords tell you exactly what your searchers are looking for and if you can provide it to them, they are more likely to buy and your conversion rates will go through the roof.

For Example
Someone searching for the Keyword "Christmas" isn't telling exactly what they are looking for. We really don't know whether they are looking for a Christmas Decor or tree, or for a technique for Decor style or Research or maybe just looking for a nice picture of a Christmas Tree. It could be hundreds of the Keyword topics related to Christmas.

On the other hand, someone searching for "Buy Christmas Tree" is exactly looking for something specific and if you can provide it to them.
It will convert most of your visitor to customers/buyers

And this exact term " Buy Christmas Tree" is getting a search volume of exactly 1,900 searches Per month as of this month data
and traffic coming from Longtail Keywords is much easier to monetize because people searching for a long-tail keyword are further along the buying side.

On a more SEO standpoint, it is your ultimate goal to turn the traffic into your buyer, newsletter sign-ups, or other activities.
And according to research, People searching for “guided hiking trails in California for beginners” which has 7 words, converts better than “hiking trails in California” and the next most converting keyword consist of 9 words.
Which means people searching for longer search terms know exactly what they are looking for and what they want. And they are also more used by people who are actively searching for someone to spend their money on.

Thus Higher conversion rate = higher ROI

Benefit 2: They are easier to rank for In the Search Engines

Ranking in the top 3 or even the first page for "Buy Christmas Tree" Rope would be great of all the traffic you would get from that Keyword
Aachieving and maintaining Position for "Christmas" is very expensive and hard as due to the competition

But for something like this "Christmas Decor ideas for Stylish Look" can be pretty easy compared to just "Christmas" with a search volume of 550,000 to be exact.
Most of the sites ranking for long tail Keywords are thereby lack of better option.

So you can rank for these keywords easier and faster compared to a general keyword which would be really next to impossible if you are in a competitive niche.
These long tail keywords are less common, more specific.
Wanna Know the best part?
Not so many people are targeting the long-tail Keywords with their content!

Benefit 3: CPC Is Cheap

Long-tail keywords If you are trying to do CPC advertisement with a General Keywords, it would be more Expensive and may also generate a ton of Clicks who are not intended to buy or visit your site because you are springing your net too wide

According to B2B PPC, long tail, targeted keywords result in

1) CPC (cost-per-click) is lower
2) CTRs (click-through-rate) is higher
3) quality scores are also Higher and
4) Higher conversion rate

Benefit 4: Gain Multiple Rankings

Its like "Kill Two birds with one Stone"
If the keyword or the niche you are in have much competition, then you have a higher chance of gaining multiple rankings even though each keyword may bring trickles and a trickle of traffic. But combine with hundreds of them and it will be a river of visitors to your website.

Benefit 5: Click-Through Rate

As we have discussed before, more people are looking for a specific Solution, Products or Articles
And when the Keyword is used properly on the Headline and the meta-tag, it can result in a large improvement in CTRs meaning the more efficient source of clicks
Because it's simple, Long-tail keywords produce more tailored results for specific interest and needs.
And according to Ranbrain, The more CTR it has the more likely Google will rank you Higher.

Benefit 6: Insight

When People are searching something more specific with a Longtail Keyword, they are letting their thoughts and wants public
It let you learn far more about your audience and your visitors than some common search phrases.
With this info, you help identify what to show/sell them, identify trends and also areas of focus to improve on.

For example:
If you are own a Chinese Restaurant, and on your website, you have pages about “Cheap Chinese meal in Chicago,” the popularity of that specific page can tell you more about how that service is doing that if you a bit like “Chinese Food Under 10$ in Chicago.” See How poorly or well does the long-form targeted page performs and you can take decisions on what to improve and get rid off to enable you to react more effectively to the customer tastes.

Benefit 7: Results in Lower Bounce rate

Since the audience are looking for something specific which they are interested in and when you provide them the info/products/service
They are sure to read or interact with your website page
So, thus reduce the bounce rate unless you are using misleading titles which will dearly harm your brand and your site reputation

Benefit 8: Higher average time on site

This is pretty much the same as the Lower Bounce rate
But if the user likes your page, they may explore through your site for related products/info/service whichever niche you are in and may end up signing up for your newsletter or buy, etc which makes the average time on site higher

Benefit 9: Long-tail keywords fuel your blog strategy

The best way to rank in the Search Engine Results is through Blogs or articles

Proper content marketing strategy focusing on some On-page Seo such as using long-tail keywords in the correct context within the URL, title tag, and body text. Period

Now, if I just wrote a single blog about Vanilla cake, I’d be done.

So, That’s not going to help much.

That means I need ideas for content for the next blog post

I bet “Chocolate vanilla cake” will get me some traffic too.

The best way to find this keyword idea is to just go through any keyword planner and type in the main keyword and it will give out a bunch of related keywords, which of course you can choose from for your next content.

For example, let's go ahead and search "vanilla cake"
It shows up a bunch of other related keywords such as vanilla cake recipe, vanilla cake mug, etc

In this way, you will never run out of topics and ideas to blog

Benefit 10: Long-tail keywords helps your site to be featured in the answer to voice assistant searches

One best way to optimize for voice search is to use long-tail keywords which are more specific to what they user ask for

According to the study, the total voice assistant market is expected to reach 40 million by the end of 2018!

That means people are gonna be asking the voice assistant to search for books and music to control their smart home devices and to consume news and gonna be asking in more specific question which are usually long tail keywords question
For example: Instead of "Mount height", they are more likely to ask "How tall is the Mount Everest?"

Her are some way to optimize for Voice Search:
1) Test your pages for mobile-friendliness.
2) Keep all your resources crawlable.
3) Avoid Flash.
4) Optimize load time.
5) Build your content around questions. Build your content around The question words such as what, where, why who, how and when as they are more likely to be associated with voice search queries, as they are normally used in conversational in nature.
6) Create a Q&A page.
7) Check the People also ask box for question ideas
8) Make your content snippable.
9) Optimize your content format.
10) Use Schema markup.

Benefits 11: Help Rank your main Keyword

As mentioned above, long-tail keyword helps in ranking multiple Keywords.
But also at the same, it will boost your site overall SEO and can help rank for your main seed keyword.

For example, if you are ranking for a series of longtail keywords such as "How to make a vanilla cake", "best vanilla cake recipes".
You may over time rank for the main term which is the "vanilla cake"

Benefits 12: Keep things Natural

A huge number of today SEO today contents are mostly similar and It is very important to make your keywords look natural.
The best way to do this is to incorporate the longtail keywords in your blog post.
Because it will enable your article/blog post to naturally appear within search results over time.
Fun Fact, Most of the keywords that are being incorporated naturally mostly are the long tail keywords.
Google may spam out your content if the same keyword appears over and over again, that is why LSI keywords and related longtail keywords are really helpful to enhance the natural flow of your post.

The best way to find related LSI keywords is to simply go to lsikeywords.com
Type in your main keyword and it will spin out a bunch of random keywords related to your main term

Benefits 13: Impressive Search Volume

As we have also discussed before, 70% of the total search queries, long-tail keywords. Many people looking for a specific product on the internet often tends to elaborate on what he/she is actually looking for. For example, a person searching for Jacket under 500$ will normally include the price element.
The more specific and longer the keyword becomes, it will narrow down more leading to the specific jacket he/she was looking for.


Keyword research isn't the sexiest topic but still you gotta do
your prior research to your niche and the level of competition
long-term keywords are the fuel to build a solid content marketing plan.

Want to know the best part?

People know about the benefits of long tail keywords but not many apply the strategy.
They mostly try to compete for the general keyword which is sometimes impossible to rank depending on how competitive the niche you are in.

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