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Free classifieds ads

Free classifieds ads

Do you want to get some extra Web Traffic using the classified Ads sites?

What is a classified site?

A classifieds site is a place where people can buy or sell things, but in general you can post any kind of ads and they are categorized or classified by Job Boards, Second hand cars, real estate,second hand items and more. Free classified sites are the sites where we can advertise. These Classified sites may be paid or completely free. But some classified sites provide both submissions, free and paid depending on the requirement of a person. Classified sites can help a webmaster to bring their site up on search engine within a small time. These classified sites have many categories for posting different advertisements that one has to select an appropriate type and post his or her Ad.

Advantages of Classifieds
The need for the website is optional. One can display their business online without having an online source like a website or app.
On making the submission, classified sites provide Instant approval link. That means our free advertisement is displayed on their sites as soon as we submit it.
The classified sites Provide us an option for uploading and displaying our logo.
Importance of Classified Ads in SEO

In this modern generation, classifieds especially in online business and advertising has become a growing industry around the world. Classified ads come into action when we need to advertise our products or services through online.

Use free classifieds ads to post your ads
Here's a list of some of the most effective ones.


TOP 25 free advertising sites for 2019:

1. Gumtree

Gumtree - Free Advertising Sites
Gumtree started out as a U.K.-based website but is now gaining ground and serving more locations throughout Europe, Australia, and the United States. Dubbed as the European version of Craigslist, the site offers free and paid ad services for almost all categories you can think of.

2. Classified Ads

Classified Ads - Free Advertising Sites
Classified Ads is a free site that’s very straightforward, with well-defined categories and a useful search bar. And because it’s simple and easy to use, the site is very active, which means more visibility for your ad. You can choose to post an ad first and fill out your account details later on. You can also add an HTML listing that links back to your website.

3. LetGo

Let Go - Free Advertising Sites
Founded in 2006 and based out of New York, LetGo allows you to create classified ads for free as well as participate in forums available for different categories. The site lets you add images and videos while also giving you the freedom to share your listings on social media.

4. Oodle

Oodle - Free Advertising Sites
One of the good things about Oodle is its compatibility with social media websites. You can link your Oodle account to your Facebook page to instantly update your status whenever you have new ads for items or services. The website’s look is simple and very clean, and it doesn’t look cluttered. This makes Oodle very easy to navigate and easy to use.

5. Adpost

Adpost - Free Advertising Sites
Adpost is another free advertising site very much like Craigslist, only with a more global reach. This is perfect if you want your ads to reach a wider audience for your listings or build an international network. While the platform can do with a little upgrading, the simplicity makes it easier even for readers with the most basic knowledge of the internet.

6. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace - Free Advertising Sites
There’s no denying the power of Facebook when it comes to networking. Having a large marketplace to host your ads guarantees a high potential of reaching your target market. Facebook recognizes this opportunity and has constantly been upgrading their platform for a more integrated buying and selling experience. It’s important to know how to maximize Facebook features to improve your marketing, including automated chat boxes that help you handle customer service more efficiently.

7. Close5

Close5 App - Free Advertising Sites
Close5 is a mobile platform that allows sellers to manage their products with their mobile device. This was created in answer to the increasing use of mobile devices among consumers to search for services and purchase items online. Transactions can be updated and completed on the go with the usual securities and features, including chat as well as the ability to utilize hyper-local capabilities to filter deals to only those within a buyer’s area.

8. Finder Master

Finder Master - Free Advertising Sites
FinderMaster is an effective advertising platform for sellers thanks to its modern but still easy-to-navigate website, and the option to post your first ad the same time you register a new account. Almost all ad services are free with the ability to add photos and deal packages to entice prospective buyers.

9. Hoobly

Hoobly - Free Advertising Sites
Hoobly is also a lot like Craigslist but with more security features. For one, this website requires registration via email instead of waiting until right before publishing an ad to ask for email verification. This helps to prevent accounts being linked to temporary addresses, which then reduces the risk of spam or potential fraud. It is free to post an ad, and Hoobly offers a wide variety of categories that are available for browsing even before registering for an account.

10. Locanto

Locanto - Free Advertising Sites
Locanto is a modern, online classified ads platform that lets you post for free. It offers a range of features that includes free ads that stay active for 60 days. You can then enhance your ads by adding images, videos, and even HTML codes that link back to your website. It even has mini-analytics and social media buttons to improve and manage traffic to your ads.

11. Sale Spider

Salespider - Free Advertising Sites
Aside from its modern website design, Sale Spider is notable for its collaboration with big names like Walmart, Macy’s, and Amazon.com. You can post an ad for free in their classified ad section and have it indexed in their well-defined categories. Aside from the free ad posting service, Sale Spider gives you an opportunity to network with other business owners through their forums.

12. USNetAds.com

USNet Ads - Free Advertising Sites
USNetAds.com does not require sign up and gives you unlimited access to your ad postings, though it only allows you to upload one image per ad. It also gives you the option to include a link back to your website. Users of the site can search with specific filters like location, keyword, ad ID, and even the ad owner’s name, so make sure you enter your details accurately.

13. PennySaver USA

PennySaver USA - Free Advertising Sites
PennySaver is a great advertising option when you want a more localized target market. Their search bar allows for a number of filters, including location-based listings. What’s great about PennySaver is that once you register on their site, your ads also get posted on their affiliate and subsidiary sites based on the category of your ad. You can also get email reminders regarding your live ads and can cancel them anytime.

14. Sell.com

Sell.com - Free Advertising Sites
Sell.com began as a buying and selling website in 1999 but has since then evolved into a broader classified ad site that offers a wide variety of categories including jobs and services. They offer a free 30-day trial for all their merchant plans but after that, there is a monthly fee for as little as $10, which is enough to let you post 300 listings.

15. Geebo

Geebo - Free Advertising Sites
Geebo prides itself as a safe community of classifieds where users can post anything from selling merchandise to looking for roommates to renting a house for free. You can also connect with them using your social media account. While not as popular as its counterparts, Geebo has been around for some time and has built itself quite a strong following.

16. Bookoo

Bookoo - Free Advertising SitesBookoo markets its brand as a family-friendly alternative to Craigslist. This means being able to sell your items individually on the platform or announce a yard sale in your area. You can register for free, and you’ll be asked to create a profile that other users can view. It also offers live chat support, which is rare for free advertising websites.

17. Trovit

Trovit - Free Advertising Sites
Trovit is a popular classified search engine for homes, automobiles, and jobs with results coming from a variety of portals for each market all over the globe. Although they don’t offer ad posting directly on their site, Trovit can recommend their partner classified websites to you based on your location, ensuring that your ad comes up in Trovit’s search results.

18. AdLandPro

AdLandPro - Free Advertising Sites
AdLandPro offers free and paid advertising services in a very simple, straightforward ad posting process. Registration is required but includes unlimited free ad posting within their wide range of categories, which include pets for sale, automobile repairs, and even apartment rentals.

19. USA Today Classifieds

USA Today Classifieds - Free Advertising Sites
This website site is the classifieds arm of USA Today, making it a powerful tool and ensuring your ads are seen by key decision-makers and consumers all across America. The categories are neatly arranged by tabs, which include auctions, notices, and travel. There’s also a marketplace section that allows you to include links to your ads on other websites.

20. Adsglobe

Adsglobe - Free Advertising Sites
Adsglobe is a free classifieds website that automatically detects your location so it can immediately display your ads to users near your location. You can also manually change the location filter by using their drop-down list. The site will prompt you to sign up as a member in order to start posting free ads, which you can complete using your email or your Facebook login details.

21. 10dayads.com

10 Day Ads - Free Advertising Sites
The 10dayads.com platform lets you include videos as part of your free ad and gives you the ability to post for a single or multiple locations the moment you click on their “Post Your Ad Now” button. What’s more, this website has an app for Android devices, making it easier and faster to complete transactions for users who are always on the go. They have a well-made website, with very helpful features to match the extensive categories that they offer to their subscribers.

22. OfferUp

Offer Up - Free Advertising Sites
Like other fairly new classified ad sites, OfferUp was created with a matching mobile app to cater to its mobile users. They offer a five-star rating system to encourage sellers to build their credibility and a watch feature to let sellers monitor their items being sold on the platform. The most unique feature is OfferUp’s haggle option, where buyers and sellers can directly communicate to negotiate prices with each other.

23. Recycler

Recycler - Free Advertising Sites
Recycler’s unique service is its offer to include your ad in print as well. They offer free ad posting, but there are fees if you want to get access to more features to improve your ad’s chances of standing out. The format of the website is pretty straightforward, beginning with a search tab that can be filtered by category and location at the top of the page. The right-hand panel displays paid or sponsored ads so they’re always available.

24. NearbyMe2.com

NearbyMe2 - Free Advertising Sites
NearbyMe2.com actively monitors and filters content on their website, giving users assurance that the ads shown are always up to date. What’s best about this platform, from the seller’s perspective, is it’s entirely free. Advertisers have full access to listings as well as unlimited ad posting. The website also uses interactive buttons and icons to give it a modern and engaging design for its users.


Obszone - Free Advertising Sites

UK Classified SitesStates
https://www.freeadstime.orgOctober 2018
https://www.findermaster.comOctober 2018
www.oxleads.comOctober 2018
http://www.hallo.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.ukfastads.co.uk/October 2018
http://photoads.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.autotrader.co.uk/October 2018
http://porkypost.com/October 2018
http://www.preloved.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.friday-ad.co.uk/October 2018
www.oxleads.comOctober 2018
http://loot.com/October 2018
http://ezish.com/October 2018
http://www.adeex.co.uk/October 2018
https://london.craigslist.co.uk/October 2018
https://www.joinolx.com/October 2018
https://www.yelp.co.uk/October 2018
https://www.ukclassifieds.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.vivastreet.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.locanto.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.oodle.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.itsmymarket.com/October 2018
http://yelldirect.com/freeadvertising/October 2018
https://www.ad-mart.co.uk/October 2018
http://ablewise.com/October 2018
http://uk.backpage.co.uk/October 2018
http://photoads.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.adpost.com/uk/October 2018
http://www.autotrader.co.uk/October 2018
http://highlandclassifieds.com/October 2018
https://tuffclassified.com/October 2018
http://www.londonlist.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.blikk.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.freeads.co.uk/October 2018
http://portsmouthexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.preloved.co.uk/October 2018
http://sheffieldexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://southamptonexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://liverpoolexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://southendexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.totalbids.co.uk/October 2018
http://sunderlandexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.ukadslist.com/October 2018
http://www.usedsandwell.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.vivastreet.co.uk/October 2018
https://www.ad-mart.co.uk/October 2018
https://www.freeukclassifieds.co.uk/October 2018
https://www.gumtree.com/October 2018
https://www.outlived.co.uk/October 2018
https://www.trovit.co.uk/October 2018
https://www.ukclassifieds.co.uk/October 2018
http://aberdeenexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://bargainpages.co.uk/October 2018
http://belfastexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://bestengland.co.uk/October 2018
http://birminghamexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://bournemouthexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://bradford-exchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://brightonexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://cardiffexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://derryexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://dundeeexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://edinburghexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://exchangeclassifieds.co.uk/October 2018
http://exeterexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://freeadmart.co.uk/October 2018
http://glasgowexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://hullexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://ipswichexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://leedsexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://leicesterexchange.co.uk/October 2018
mauritius.qtellads.comOctober 2018
www.trinidadtrader.comOctober 2018
http://the-free-directory.co.uk/October 2018
http://wakefieldexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.adeex.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.anunico.co.uk/October 2018
http://localmartuk.com/October 2018
http://www.chaosads.com/October 2018
http://www.citylocal.co.uk/October 2018
http://newcastleexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.drumclassifieds.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.freeads24.com/October 2018
http://www.freeads.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.freeadsinuk.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.friday-ad.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.goodads.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.hifreeads.co.uk/October 2018
http://plymouthexchange.co.uk/October 2018
http://www.itsmymarket.com/October 2018
www.oxleads.comOctober 2018
http://www.oxleads.com/October 2018



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