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JVZoo - Platform for Sellers and Affiliates

JVZoo - Platform for Sellers and Affiliates

JVZoo is affiliate marketing platform for digital products. They make it easy for use and navigate, and is absolutely free for both Sellers and Affiliates marketers (promoters). JVZoo is affiliate marketing platform for makers of digital products, also for affiliate marketers who want to promote these products on their websites or blogs. There are so many other digital marketplaces on the internet, but JVZoo is one of the biggest and best marketing platform. Sellers can list, promote and sell their digital products and affiliate marketers can promote great digital products for huge  50 %
cash commission for life. 

JVZoo - Instant Commission Platform for Sellers and Affiliates
With JVZoo’s innovative online marketing platform, offers to Sell and Buy digital products and service, instant payment options, high quality affiliates  and quick response support team.It is the best platform that you can use to Sell or Buy HQ digital products, also to be affiliate marketer and earn cash commission too!!!
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JVZoo for Seller
JVZoo offers powerful marketplace platform, easy to use, industry-leading features,  all in one place that all users and sellers  to connect and succeed online. Sell on JVZoo - Sellers can create unlimited buy buttons and add as many products or service as need, and never be charged a fee.

JVZoo’s current marketplace lists and sells digital products in 21 categories witch means, more digital products to promote which relate to Online Marketing. Everybody or all makers puts their products on JVZoo.

JVZoo approving all Sellers - vendors. This is a big benefit for whoever sells their products. As a vendor, you get paid immediately if people check out through Paypal. You get the money directly on your Paypal account and you’re then able to withdraw it and put it on your bank account. Theoretically, from the time somebody sends you the money to the time you can go to the ATM machine and withdraw it, there is no more than  5 minutes. Cool.

Creating a funnel is easier than Clickbank (for vendors). It’s free to create a product with them. You don’t need a website to have a product – create your landing page through JVZoo. Instantly create an affiliate program for your products.

JVZoo has introduced Premium Seller status for sellers.
You can apply to be a Premium Seller by sending a request through the Support Desk. If your account meets the requirements, you will receive an email notification. In addition, a badge will be displayed next to the your name in the public marketplace and also on your checkout page.


JVZoo for Affiliates marketers

Get paid instant commissions direct to your PayPal account ,by promoting products on JVZoo!!!

JVZoo is also affiliate network you can join for promoting digital products on your website.
JV Zoo is also the only affiliate networks listed here which offers up to 100% commissions on sales. They also have a recurring commission structure of up to 50% commission which makes JV Zoo a better alternative to Clickbank because of quality products found on JV Zoo.

JVZoo uses Affiliate Cookies - for life, forever!!! Whenever you send a referral to any JVZoo seller product, your cookies will be saved, so if that referral purchases another product from that Vendor (even in the future), you will get paid automatically and instantly with PAYPAL. When anyone arrives to a digital product sales page via your affiliate link, their information is collected and stored as a cookie tagging them as YOUR referral. Every time you send a referral to one of their vendors, you are automatically cookied for any other products that vendor might list with them – now or in the future. Even if you haven’t directly referred the buyer to that specific product of  the same seller, you’ll still get paid commission on that sale.This 50 % Instant Cash commission is For Life. 
Another great benefit with JVZoo is you get paid for every sale. That’s right, instantly with PAYPAL and from there on 5 minutes and to your back account. There are absolutely no fees you, an affiliate marketer, need to pay to be a JVZoo affiliate.
JVZoo’s current marketplace lists digital products in 21 categories witch means, you as a affiliate marketer can pick up any of your targeted niche and promote it to your targeted readers. 


Are you ready or you already started your online web business!? So maybe you notice that the online market is so complicated. 
Not everyone has thousands of dollars to put into growing an online business. In reality, you can do a lot without spending any money at all. All it really takes is effort and imagination. The internet is the great place for an online business. Anyone can start a money making online business - anyone with a computer, internet and basic PC skills - that is the beginning!!! 

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