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Manual Traffic Exchange

Manual Traffic Exchange use manual advertising of websites to visitors with human verification - Real Unique Web TrafficUse manual traffic exchanges to promote your business, grow your mail list and get more referrals.

Best Manual Traffic Exchanges 

CryptoTab Browser - Free Bitcoins Strongly Recommended

Cointiply Earn cash & Bitcoins by surfing, play games, do surveys & offers ... You can Advertise too with Ads ... 20 % referral commissions
Infinity Traffic Boost - Earn Bitcoin by surfing. Up to 80% commissions. Buy or sell credits for BTC in on-site auctions.
CoinPayU - Earn Bitcoins by View ads, doing offer or refer advertiser to get 20 % commission
TrafficAdBar - Unique ladder system that delivers massive traffic to the most active members. Text ad exchange.
AdBTC - advertise, promote, surf/view ads  or refer people and earn crypto BTC or cash. Solid 10 % commissions from referrals surfing or referral advertisement spending.
EasyHits4U - manual traffic exchange, Banners, Text ads, splash pages, websites rotatorors, 40% referral commission
FinestTraffic - Earn cash & Bitcoins by surfing Finest Traffic and other participating exchanges. Daily Bonus!
LeadsLeap - Powerful Marketing Tools Sell extra credits for cash. Link tracker, list manager, page builder and other marketing tools.
Traffic Era - Engagement with people & groups in real time. Social Hub
HungryForHits - Earn money, lot options and bonus
SocialSurf4U - Daily activity rewards. Surf and Earn. 50% - cash commissions.
TE - Results - 35% cash commissions for all members. Loyalty surfing bonus.
Traffic-Splash - Daily login bonus, another bonus program. 20% cash commissions.
NewWaySurf - Earn Cash surfing!!!
TrafficG - Real unique visitors, geotargeting, banner exchange, referral commission, monthly referral contests.
WebmasterQuest - Geotargeting, traffic statistics, banner and text ad impressions referral commission
MembursRule - Up to $0.25 per referral and 40% cash commissions. Top promoter & surfer contest with cash prizes.
Tezzers - Cash and credit surfing prizes, up to 50% commissions from referral purchases.
TrafficSwarm - 2 000 000 members WOW
ManyHit - Manual & Autosurf TE, text &
banners Ads, Earn cash surfing Recommended
TrendTraxPro - Must sign up Recommend
QualityHits4u - Quality Advertising
Hit4Hit - Manual & Autosurf TE

The Big Deal here - CTR Click-through rate is the ratio of users who click on a specific link, to the number of total users who view a page. It is commonly used to measure the success of an online advertising campaign for a particular website. So CTR or just the clicks is much higher when using Manual Traffic Exchange. 

Manual surfing requires the user to visit each site by clicking on the site, waiting the required amount of time and then moving to the next site to repeat the process. A timer or counter provided by the traffic exchange network can monitor the time spent on a given site. So that is mean you really been viewing the pages surfing by you and than in return your listed pages will be viewed on the same conditions. Saying this we can be sure that the Web traffic quality from Manual TE is much better that Autosurf TE, simple because all views are been prove. More simple to say it with manual TE you put in the system and you get back from the system Human verified web traffic, while using Autosurf TE every one just put autosurf TE on autopilot without even staying from of the PC and actually view anything. 

The reason you should use manual traffic exchanges is that, you will be receiving real visitors back to your website, who have to click on your ads. Of course most people will manually click on your ads, so you should get something ... sign ups, leads, Sells!!!

How to Use Manual Traffic Exchange to Increase Web Traffic

There's a simple and cheap way to try to do web marketing and advertising, while not having to to purchase web traffic; Join as many traffic exchange as you can!!!

Manual Traffic Exchange website are great at branding and establishing a website's name, reputation and helping you to increase web traffic to your own website or affiliate program!

Design a Splash page (catch page) and promote on all free traffic exchange. 
Create a convincing splash page that need to be simple, shiny and to catch user attentions.  The page must be short and compact and your visitors must not need to scroll to read the page content completely.  Most important is the splash page should/must load fast!

Register as a free user to the Manual TE above. You will additionally receive joining bonuses, with free credits you'll use to advertise and rotate you web pages. It's vital that you register with as many TE as you can surf them later on to promote your links.

Head to the surf page and surf other user's ads or web pages. Be consistent and workout a schedule so you'll surf every week and build up more credits you'll then use to rotate and market your own site.

Find out witch Manual TE is the best for you and Upgrade to Pro to get better surf rate, bonuses and bigger cash commissions!!!


If you want to get the best leverage in traffic exchanges without upgrading to a paid membership, opt for 1-to-1 ratio manual traffic exchanges that deliver one hit to your website for every website you view.This is the top 5 TE above, but honestly all TE listed above are been tested by www.anywebstuff.com and we are so happy and still use all of them. Try some of them and find out witch one of them performing best for you. Realise that 1:1 exchanges often have longer surf timers, meaning your sites will get longer views per hit.
If you dont to click all the time, i do Recommend to check out The best Autosurf Traffic exchange site, where you still can get high quality web traffic on auto pilot autosurf traffic exchange!

... and finally read my Article BEST TRAFFIC EXCHANGE SITE - TESTED where you will find out all you need to know - How to get free web traffic and rank higher on search engines. 

Why Is Website Traffic Exchange Important?

Google, Yahoo, Bing and the rest search engines take in  account the numbers of unique visits to your website/blog every day. More and more views, means that your site is more likely to appear higher on the search engines results, for your keywords. More web traffic, means higher website ranking and even more exposure. 

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