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Website Rotator also Link Rotator or URL Rotator, is an unique web service with a lot of benefits.

Website Rotator is online service, an simple URL when visited, redirect the visitors to one of so many different websites or landing pages, already uploaded and set up for rotation into it. So Link rotator (software, script or code), generally just rotate or show up different links, to one or/and many other unique visitors to this particular main Link (the rotator). 
This means you can simply promote only one link, but all your websites or pages will receive web traffic and visitors. 

A rotator is a way to make easy the promotion of multiple websites or links. When you create a rotator, you get one simple URL that you can promote, which will in turn promote all the sites you’ve setup in the rotator.

So to really see Link Rotator in action, click on my rotators below 3-5-6-7-8-9-10 times on the same one and you will know and see for yourself.

Rotator 1   Rotator 2   Rotator 3 

As you already see I promote my blog www.anywebstuff.com
with these rotators and instead of promoting only one single page, i do promote few of my best articles/pages. This give me so many benefits and save me a lot of time too!!!

Use  URL rotators service to easily rotate web  traffic for unlimited  landing pages or websites.

If you’re doing promotions and advertising for a group of people, using a URL rotator or link rotator is a smart way to send high-quality traffic among each member of the group.

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