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The Useless Web

The Useless Web - Useless, random website, take me to a useless website, take me to another useless website, random website generator, take me to random website or simply Useless Web!

If you're searching for some useless websites (that are equally useless, pointless, random, basic and funny or even helpful ) you should visit The Useless Web. There are plenty of sites other than Twitter or Instagram for you to waste countless hours on. Besides, it's not like you could be doing something constructive at work or maybe, I don't know, go outside. That requires like actually moving or interacting with other humans. Also known as extremely useless sites, random sites, useless websites, pointless websites, time wasters, pointless pages, pointlessness and pointless Web pages. 

What is the website that takes you to random sites?
What do you look up when your bored?
How many websites are on the Useless Web?
What do do on the Internet when you're bored?

Useless Websites

Enjoy the most pointless and useless websites on the internet. Upvote your favorites!

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to… some of the most useless websites on the world wide web. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Some people really have a lot of spare time and they’ve come up with all these crazy, yet utterly useless websites.

So if you want your site to be here, please contact me using the contact form on the bottom left corner. 

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