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Advanced SEO analyzer tool to give webmasters or bloggers an seo analysis on a page-by-page basis. This tool analyse the website social media ranking, site usability, online reputation, meta tags, keywords, and site speed. Examine your webpage and get your analysis report together with your rankings from this seo tool. Improve your web pages and increase your search engine ranking.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results—often referred to as "natural", "organic", or "earned" results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a website appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine…
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SELL ON INSTAGRAM - Social Marketing & Website SEO


How many of you use Instagram?

I bet 90% of you reading this article have But today we are gonna talk about how to sell your product or services through that tiny app in your Smartphone

Here is the deal, Instagram has reached a whopping1 Billion Monthly active users I mean That's remarkable

But did you also know that there’s more to Instagram than its easy-to-use photo editing tools?

Here are 5 Steps to sell on Instagram:

1.Connect with customers Across all Channels

You can funnel down customers through all channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, your Website etc all the way down to your Instagram Page

For example, Let's say you display your Instagram Pics on your website, Chances are they are most likely to click through and land on your Profile or Page.

They are on your website in the first place because they are trying to find something or maybe just checking it out and if they find it interesting, they would be more interested in learning about you

And at that…

How to ranks highly in the search engines and get more traffic

Creating your blog correctly could be the difference between ranking highly in the search engines and having to struggle to get any traffic at all. When your blog ranks highly in the search engines, it can receive large amounts of traffic without the author having to pay for advertising. By paying attention to a few factors when setting up your blog, it can begin to rank higher and get more traffic. Focus on the Title When writing a new blog post, the title is an important factor in ranking highly. The title of your post needs to include a keyword or key phrase and should be relevant to the content of your article. Search engines look at your title to determine what your content is about and match search engine queries up to titles. If your title matches the keyword typed into a search engine, your site will be more likely to rank highly.

Getting Inbound Links The number of inbound links you have also affects your rank. Each time another site puts up a link to your site, it is viewed a…

Web, Webstuff, Website traffic, Website SEO, Social media, Marketing

Web, Webstuff, Website traffic, Website SEO, Social media, Marketing
ANY WEB STUFF - HOW TO GROW YOUR WEB BUSINESS FREE Web,Webstuff, Website SEO, Website traffic, Social media, Internet marketing. GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK - Web, SEO, Social and marketing promotions

Benefits Of Keyword Research - Website SEO High-quality traffic

5 Benefits Of Keyword Research
We all know that Keyword research is a vital part of your SEO strategy
If you don’t know what’s important to your audience, how do expect to make them happy?
Keywords are the building blocks of search and are the window to discovering customer intent and need.
Content is one of the vital things when it comes to online promotion. But Writing a content without using the keyword is again a complete waste
To stress this point, here are Five quick benefits of effective keyword analysis:
1) Engaged Audience
Before you start producing content understand what keywords are driving traffic to your site. Next, Figure out what your audience is interested in, and write a content about it
The two things to ask yourself when you’re creating content for your audience are; does this add value and is it fresh?
Read: 11 Timeless Highly Actionable Keyword Research Tips
2) Awareness of the main trends
A high-quality research and analysis of keywords will help you stay up to date wit…

Contextual Backlinks - Website SEO Google Ranking

Contextual backlinks are links to external websites that are placed within the main or primary content of a web page. Contextual backlinks come naturally within content. They are not links that are placed within the navigation, sidebars, widgets, footer or ads.
A contextual backlink is a link that is acquired naturally within the body of a blog post or webpage and points to your website.

Contextual backlinks are arguably the most powerful type of backlinks becausethey wouldn’t be directly in the content if they didn’t strengthen the content. The content gives the backlink a framework, increasing its authority and providing of value for the readers
Not all links are created equal. Google and other search engines give more weight to a specific type of backlinks - contextual. A good contextual backlink is at least 5x more powerful than any other kind of backlink. Below you’ll find 3 reasons why.

3 Major Benefits Of Contextual Backlinks
Contextual backlinks are natural. They show your site’s au…