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The difference between the rich and the
poor is that the rich look for assets while
the poor look for liabilities...
Identify yourself
Build yourself

*What the Rich teach their children: Asset vs Liability*

One day, the son of a rich man, who was
an undergraduate,
approached his father and the following
discussion took place.
*Son:* _Dad, may I speak with you?_
*Dad:* _Go ahead._
*Son:* _Among all my classmates, I am the
only one without a car. It is embarrassing._
*Dad:* _What do you want me to do?_
*Son:* _I need a car. I don't want to feel
*Dad:* _Do you have a particular car in
*Son:* _Yes dad (smiling)_
*Dad:* _How much?_
*Son:* _$1600_
*Dad:* _I will give you the money on one
*Son:* _What is the condition?_
*Dad:* _You will not use the money to buy
a car but invest it. If you make enough
profit from the investment, you can go
ahead and buy the car._
*Son:* _Deal._
Then, the father gave him a cheque of
$300. The son cashed the cheque and
invested it in obedience to the verbal
agreement that he had with his father.
Some months later, the father asked the
son how he was faring. The son responded
that his business was improving. The
father left him.
After some months again, the father asked
him about his business
again and the son told him that he is
making a lot of profit from the business.
When it was exactly a year after he gave
him the money, the father asked him to
show him how far the business has gone.
The son readily agreed and the following
discussion took place:
*Dad:* _From this I can see that you have
made a lot of money._
*Son:* _Yes dad. _
*Dad:* _Do you still remember our
*Son:* _Yes_
*Dad:* _What is it?_
*Son:* _We agreed that I should invest the
money and buy the car from the profit._
*Dad:* _Why have you not bought the car?
*Son:* _I don't need the car again. I want
to invest more._
*Dad:* _Good. You have learnt the lessons
that I wanted to teach you._
*- You didn't really need the car, you just
wanted to feel among. That would have
placed extra financial obligations on you. It
wasn't an asset then; but a liability.*
*- Two, it is very important for you to
invest in your future before living like a
*Son:* _Thanks dad._
Then the father gave him the keys of the
latest model of that car.
*1. Always invest first before you start
living the way you want.*
*2. What you see as a need now may
become a want if you can take a little time
to get over your feelings.*
*3. Try to be able to distinguish between
an asset and a liability so that what you
see as an asset today will not become a
liability to you tomorrow.*
The difference between the rich and the
poor is that the rich look for assets while
the poor look for liabilities...
Identify yourself

Build yourself

Be yourself.


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