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How to Make Money on INSTAGRAM


As of 2018, the mobile photo-sharing sites network had reached a whopping 1 billion monthly active users

That means around 33 million people are tapping into that shiny Instagram app daily

If you don't see a business and an opportunity there, then I don't know what is an opportunity for you

Instagram by itself does not generate revenue. Like Youtube, it does not have any ads displayed

But that doesn't mean it can't be monetized

There are several ways you can monetize your Instagram account

You've most likely heard stories of Instagrammers who are taking advantage of the photos they snap and offer each day to cash out money

By making a committed, Instagram account with top-notch content, connecting with mark names or photography locales, and creating content for which individuals will pay, you also can procure cash through Instagram!

Instagram "influencers," as the business calls them, collaborate with business to showcase or promote their items and in turn, they get paid

But first here are some checklist you need to fulfill if you really want to monetize from your account

a) Build a following- When I say build a following, I am not asking about how much followers you have. Create a community which will be always there for you and engage in your content. Buying Followers is a Big NO NO. Cause there will be absolutely no engagement. You may once get a deal luckily but if that campaign does not produce any results. Chances are they will not contact you next. So build your following organically

b) Switch your Account to the Business mode- By default, your account will not be in Business. But Instagram gave you the options change your account in the Business type.  Business account has many more functionalities such as Insight analytics and you can't run ads without upgrading to the Business account

c) Post consistently- This is the key to make your account alive. According to the latest algorithm update, the more the page is active and post higher than others, The more the post is likely to get to the top of the Explore tab. So be active

d) Have at least a minimum of 5000 followers with decent engagement- You know Number speaks. Social Proof is a required to convince brands to make a deal with you.T here are literally thousands of influencers to choose from. So make sure to catch a hook of them to work with you

Here are five prevalent choices you can do to make money on Instagram-

1. Sponsored posts for brands.

Brands are continually teaming up with Instagrammers of all sizes to convey their products or service on messages to forthcoming buyers.

You can contact and reach out to the brand directly or you can list yourself in influencer marketplaces like

a) Grapevine

b) Shoutcart

c) IndaHash

d) Crowd Tap, etc

Remember while allowing to that you're not simply offering content but rather access to your followers, and utilization rights as well.

Normally it works through a flat fee that you and the brands have negotiated and agree to

Meaning you can literally make from at the minimum of 100$ to 1000$

The more the influencer has influence over the pricier it can be for the brands

Price can also depend upon the niche of the influencer and followers list

2. Become an affiliate

Get Free Traffic

Here you need to convince your audience into buying the deals or products you promote

And every time they make a sale from your audience through your affiliate link or your own unique promo code, you make a commision

Sometimes you can even make more money through this process than Sponsored Post


Cause Sponsored Post is fixed while the earning potential in Affiliate programme is unlimited

The more you drive your audience or traffic to sales, The more commission you get

Your commission may vary from product to product and brands.

Even if no brands contact you, there is an option for this

There are many affiliate programmes you can join for free to promote products Right away such as ClickBank, JVZoo, Amazon Associates, Etc

3. Sell your photos

You can literally sell your Photos and Brands are literally willing to buy your Photos

How Crazy is that, Right?

There are a number of renowned websites that you can sell your Photos and turn your shots into hard and solid cash

Some of them are-

a) Foap

b) Alamy

c) Shutterstock

d) Fotolia, etc

The most common being Foap because it is easily available in the mobile app and the Payments are delivered by PayPal.

You can even Browse other user content and see them because it is an open marketplace

But mind that it is gonna be tough to get selected since many are gonna be competing

4. Launch your own e-commerce store

RankBoostup - Free Website Traffic Exchange

You can literally set up your own e-commerce store, easily by Shopify and other alternatives of Shopify

In case you're a product creator, Instagram is an awesome stage for you to showcase your get the maximum exposure

Use Hashtags which is related to your product to promote your Product

Or you can even create your own branded hashtag and promote it

If you got an engaging audience Chances are your Fans will literally buy whatever you sell as an act of showing  their love and support to you

5. Sell digital products

This one is also somehow connected to Point Number 4

And it's much simpler than selling Physical Products because everything is done automatically

There is no hassle for Packaging, Shipping Fees and stuff like that

For example, if you are in the make-up niche

Create a Guide or a Course or an Ebook, Chances are If people like your post and they will be more willing to spare some bucks to pay for your course for more detail insights

If you are a musician, you can sell your new music or Sell a course

It will work mostly on all niche

6. Sell Your Instagram Account

Well this one is a little extreme and harsh

But if you really need the money or Done with Instagram? Or Completely Ready to move on?

You can sell through your resources like friends, colleagues, etc

But if you do not have the resources, There are a few sites that will help you with this-

a)Fame swap

b)Viral accounts


Instagram is literally one of the best platforms where you can literally showcase your work, get famous too and make money at the same time.

It is like hitting three birds with One Stone
So if done right, you can expect some rewards rolling in.

Here is what you need to do. Keep in mind that you are doing this for your personal brand growth and treats your work as a business.
Take Yourself serious and others will too.

If you want to make a living out of it, Don't treat it as a hobby or for the sake of having an Instagram account in order to be not left out of the trend. Be serious about it.



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