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How many of you use Instagram?

I bet 90% of you reading this article have
But today we are gonna talk about how to sell your product or services through that tiny app in your Smartphone

Here is the deal, Instagram has reached a whopping 1 Billion Monthly active users
I mean That's remarkable

But did you also know that there’s more to Instagram than its easy-to-use photo editing tools?

Here are 5 Steps to sell on Instagram:

1.Connect with customers Across all Channels


You can funnel down customers through all channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, your Website etc all the way down to your Instagram Page

For example, Let's say you display your Instagram Pics on your website, Chances are they are most likely to click through and land on your Profile or Page.

They are on your website in the first place because they are trying to find something or maybe just checking it out and if they find it interesting, they would be more interested in learning about you

And at that moment you show some your Intsta gallery right in front of them, What do you think they would do?

Yes, they will click through it

If they like it they might even follow you and this is also a great way to increase your Instagram Followers

Instagram is the perfect platform to connect with customers, listen to their feedback, and build relationships

2. Showcase & Sell Your Products

SEMrushNow that you have lured the users into your page. It's time to sell them
Over ⅓ of Instagram, Users Have  Purchased a Product through the app

Sales are what makes the business continue and thrive
Instagram offers businesses of all sizes incredible opportunities to reach their target audience and drive sales

Here are some of the Things you need to brush up First:

A) Profile Picture- Your Profile Pic must be given importance to it. Some only care about their Post but not the Profile Pic. Avoid making that mistake.
Use your Picture or if you are a business, add your logo into it. In that way, it makes it more Professional

B) Bio- The Bio needs to be well crafted for maximum ROI. Your Bio plays the main role in people wanting to actually buy from you.
Write a clear description of your business and Let them know exactly what you have to offer.

C) Links: Add your Shop link in the website Field. Insta allows you add only one link. So whenever there is an offer or you want to promote a specific product. Change the link accordingly

D) Upgrade  Account- Make sure you Upgrade your Insta account to the Business profile
Benefits of Instagram Business
  • Getting found- A contact button will appear in your profile which makes it simpler for users to contact you.
  • Access to analytics- Provides you analytics for impressions, reach, and follower information for individual posts created after you switch to a business profile.
  • Instagram ads- If you don't upgrade your account, you can't run ads. That's simple

You also have to make them feel secure too

Let's hope that people actually buy from you.

But me being a not so optimistic and always having an alternative plan, If things didn't work out as planned.
Our next step is to use ads for the maximum attraction of Eyeballs

3.Using Instagram Ads to Reach Your Target Audience


If people don't buy from you in the first place. That's Okay because they aren't necessarily your targetted audience

Now with Instagram Ads, you can target your specific audience to sell your product
Seriously, just imagine if you sell a Baby product to teenagers. Do you really think they would actually buy? In some exception case. They may but most of the time, they aren't gonna.

So target your Audience carefully

Unlike other Ads, Instagram ads are not as intrusive and are less likely to annoy your targeted audience.
In terms of ROI and cost, Instagram returns the best results. It’s effective and less time-consuming than other online marketing channels.

Another benefit of Instagram is it offers lower CPC compared to AdWords, Twitter, etc

So, Instagram ads have and will always become a critical part of Instagram marketing strategy for businesses.

4. Retargeting

Get Free Traffic

Even After using Ads, you haven't made much sales.
But some people actually click on the ad and engage with it. It may be likes or comment on it but in the end, didn't end up buying

Luckily for you, there is a solution for you


Now you ask what is retargeting?

Retargeting is a form of advertising that will show your ads to those people who have already engage with it or in other words bounced traffic after they leave your website

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide on how to retarget Facebook and Instagram Ads

For example, let's say, you recently watched or read an article on a topic of Adidas Shoe and all of a sudden, wherever you visit on the web. You began to see full of Adidas shoe ads and you began to wonder. Why is all these Adidas Shoes Ads following me?

That is called retargeting

According to recent statistics around 58% of retargeted customer converts

5.Use Influencer
RankBoostup - Free Website Traffic Exchange
This one is optional but if it clear all these checklists. It can do magic for you in sales
  • Right Influencer
  • Right Audience
  • Right Product
  • Right Ads
  • Right Time

How does Influencer Marketing Works?

Basically, you pay an influencer to promote your Product or Services to his/her audiences
It's that Simple

When you look for Influencer, hire someone who isn't over promotional and hasn’t done a lot of brand deals.
In that way, you can negotiate for cheaper price and increase Engagement to your Post

Over promotional is also one of the biggest factors in losing your Instagram followers and reducing the engagement rate

How much do Instagram influencers cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for this question

It depends on many factors of the Influencer such as demand and relevancy of the influencer, Engagement rate, Audience reach, Time factor (How long the post should be up), etc

According to reports 66% pay under $250 per post,
while 27% pay between $250 and $1000.

Bonus Tip

Optimize your Image- With Instagram, your Post or Ads have to be very eye-catching because Instagram being a photo sharing site, it's a very visual Platform

Unless it is something very unique People are not gonna give a thought about your Product because literally there are gonna be thousands of people advertising the same product.

If it couldn't hook users eye's in one look, make sure to work on that

Instagram could be a great way for your business to reach new customers
How have you ever used Instagram to sell products and services?
If no, then give it a try. If so then How's that working out for you?
Let me know in the comments!

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