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Building Backlinks is the best tactic (most important part in OFF SITE SEO) used in search engine optimization (SEO), because backlinks are a signal to Google, that your website is a quality source for valuable information.
Therefore, sites with more and high quality backlinks have higher rankings and get more website traffic.
Building BACKLINKS is at the heart of off-site SEO. Search engines use backlinks as indications of the linked-to content's quality, so a site with many high value backlinks will  rank better than an equal site with fewer backlinks.

Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. A hyperlink (usually just called a link) is a way for users to navigate between pages on the internet. In the field of search engine optimizationlink building describes actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage with the goal of increasing the search engine rankings of website.

Link building can increase the number of high-quality links pointing to a website, in turn increasing the likelihood of the website ranking highly in search engine results. Link building is proven marketing tactic for increasing brand awareness.

Without a solid base of links, your site won't be competitive in the SERPs — even if you do everything else right. 

White Hat Backlink building strategies 

White hat link building strategies are those strategies that add value to end users, abide by Google's term of service and produce good results that could be sustained for a long time. White hat link building strategies focus on producing high-quality as well as relevant links to the website. Although more difficult to acquire, white hat link building tactics are widely implemented by website owners because such kind of strategies are not only beneficial to their websites' long-term developments but also good to the overall online environment.




Maybe you thinking and want to buy backlinks for you site!?
Well, do not worry - you are not the first and last person considering of buying backlinks for your SEO plans. So why everyone talking about buying links? The big advantage -  SAVE TIME and Faster Results for ranking your website. You must know that just buying links like tomato from the local shop is against Google guidelines. This means you can have this job completed, only by someone who is so much experienced and knows exactly  how to do the right job (SEO experts or Agency). Below you will see the best and save backlinks building providers on the market.

EXAMPLE - you have a website with valuable information, but you are on page 6 on GOOGLE, because your site had less backlinks than others sites. So buying few high quality and Niche Relevant Backlinks will skyrocket your website ranking to the top page of Google  and get you more web traffic.

Now if you want to buy backlinks with White Hat Backlink building strategies follow my guide and see the best backlinks building services (White hat SEO) below

A few thinks to look at when investing in Backlinks:
  1. Reviews. Is there reviews available for this service. Are the review scores good. Are the Review Comment positive and shows a successful result due to buying these Backlinks?
  2. The Backlinks should come from Sites with high Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). It should be at least 40.
  3. The links should be related to your Niche or Site Topic. To this end make sure you use a provider that has a big network and are able to negotiate with Webmasters on your behalf to get your links placed there. There is nothing worse than having a Backlink to your Health site from a Bitcoin site, as an example.
  4. They should provide you with a full report of the work that was done.
  5. They should have a refund policy. If you don’t get what you asked for, you should be able to ask for a refund.

The best backlinks building services (White hat SEO) - Buy high quality and Niche Relevant Backlinks to  BOOST  RANKING

#1. Links Management

If you want to go for paid backlinks in a low budget but you prefer a quality one, Link Management is the best one. You can buy cheap backlinks from sites with PR 1 to sites with PR 9. They provide static, permanent backlinks from content for as low as $0.15.
Links Management is credible Link Building Service which allows you to buy Buy backlinks that has an immense impact on your long-term SEO.
Links Management is contextual backlink service provider with backlinks which contains more than 8,000,000 million DA40-DA100 website pages from different geo in their`s inventory.
The prices are really different and depends on the backlinks quality, but the cheapest ones was founded - $0,15.
One of the essence benefits Links Management has - all the links are selected manually and there are no backlink packages: you can see each of the backlink before you buy it. Moreover, all links are placed manually in the content as per your required anchor text (unique written) to get link juice to your website and looks natural to Google.

Note: You will get bonus $50 credit in your account when you spend $100 with them. So you can double your link buying speed when you join Links Management.


One of the companies that has a glowing reputation in the field of SEO is The Hoth.
They provide their clients (from all over the world) with affordable SEO services and no contracts, all with 24/7 Live Chat functionality. Their packages start from $69 and some agencies even pay them $10,000 per month.
The Hoth have a great case study demonstrating their past results, where they’ve improved traffic to some of their client websites by up to 842.4% !!! They offer full and ultimate SEO services.

Link Building

Get links of all sorts pointing back at your domain!

  • HOTH Guest Post Blogger Outreach Service & Packages
  • White Hat, Manual Link Building

    HOTH Guest Post
    Getting white hat links can be tricky and time-consuming. Luckily, we’ve got it down to a science.
    With HOTH Guest Post, we will manually reach out to key authority sites in your industry, secure a guest post spot, write a value-packed article with your links naturally included, and post it on the site.

    • Viral Link Building Packages
    • Foundational Link Building

      HOTH Foundations
      The core of SEO is link building – This is the signal to Google that your website is authoritative and popular. Once Google sees your website is authoritative and popular, it ranks you higher in the search engines where all the traffic is.
      HOTH Foundations creates mini authority properties that link back to your website, letting Google know that your website is important.

  • Local NAP Citation Building Service & Packages
  • Local Directory Citation Building

    HOTH Local
    HOTH Local will help you get more visibility online by putting you in top local and industry directories. This also helps increase the rankings of your website and the rankings of your Google Local page!
  • High Domain Authority Homepage Links - HOTH Blitz
  • Permanent Homepage Backlinks

    HOTH Blitz
    When you are in a competitive niche, you need to bring out the big guns. This is where HOTH Blitz comes in, providing you with High powered links to boost your rankings to the top.
  • HOTH Link Boost
  • Backlink Booster

    HOTH Boost
    Need to boost your backlinks or a second tier property? HOTH Boost will create posts on high DA websites to channel authority back to your website through your 2nd tier properties. Great for ranking Youtube Videos, Facebook Pages, Local Directories and more.

#3. BackLinks

Over a Decade of BackLink Building 

As one of the first, large-scale link automation platforms, we helped 100,000+ professionals buy and sell links. Now, over 10 years later, we are still the most trusted brand in the industry.
This is one of the most popular sites to buy or sell quality Backlinks . You can use your credit card or debit card to purchase the Backlinks, and if you want, then you can also make use of the PayPal account.

Moreover, it is also a good site to sell the Backlinks and make money out of it. The ranking of BackLinks is quite high; therefore, you can pretty well guess that how well it can improve your ranking as well.

How It Works

A site's authority with the search engines is largely based on the quantity and quality of the sites that link to it.

Our proven system takes the hassle out of buying and selling links by automating time consuming tasks such as link placement, payment/commission, link monitoring, and replacing lost links.

Buy Backlinks

Search our huge inventory of tens of thousands of high DA sites in just about every niche. Hand-pick pages to place your links, or automate your link building with customizable link queues. 

Sell Backlinks

Earn monthly passive income from your unused ad space. Add your sites to the BackLinks inventory, and our system will automatically create and monitor the links and deposit your payments every month.

#4 LinksPanel 

Buy and Sell text links

Almost the same quality backlinks service like Backlinks (above).
LinksPanel makes it simple to improve your search engine rankings with high domain authority backlinks from thousands of niche publisher.

So you have 2 options to sign up here :

1) As an Advertiser - Buy backlinks ( link prices are based on the MOZ Domain Authority of the website )

Here is getting really Hot - LinksPanel provide a full-featured link buying platform, with competitive pricing based on MOZ Domain Authority. This mean you can pick up a backlinks from DA 10 to DA -100. They generally recommend a starting link budget of $50-$100. Once your rankings start moving, you can create additional campaigns that focus on the keywords/pages that are bringing in the most qualified traffic.


LinksPanel Publishers earn money every month. They will automatically add/edit/remove any purchased links, credit your account, monitor the link placement, and deposit money into your paypal account. When an advertiser chooses to place a link on one of your pages, you earn credits based on the Domain Authority of your site.  Then, you will continue to earn credits for that link each month, as long as it is active. Since you earn credits for all new links as well as any existing links that are still active on your pages, your credits grow month over month! (Did we mention you can sell up to 5 links on every page?)

#5 Guest posting (write for as or sponsored post) 

Guest posting is another option for you. It's a great way to connect with new readers and get your name/brand even more recognized!
Find out more about what is Guest Post . 

ANYWEBSTUFF.COM always welcome guest post writers, who can take an active part and contribute some of your very own quality knowledge in the form of a blog post. We are interested in receiving your own, well-written, quality & unique posts in variety 
of topics which should inspire and satisfy ours readers. We also offer Sponsered post here on this blog. Our stats are Moz DA 33 PA 40 and Moz rank 4 out of 10 so Contact us


Advertise your Online Business - get leads, sign ups and sells!
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5. ManyHits - 
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6. LinkCollider - SEO Tools with Social Media Advertising
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7. Autowebsurf - Banners, Texts Ads, Recommended

8. PandaBot - FREE SEO NETWORK - 

9. eBesucher

10. AutoSurf Myth - Banners, Texts Ads, Recommended


12. 10KHits

13. AutoSurfPro - Banners, Texts Ads, Recommended

14. Klixion - Innovative Autosurf TE

15. FeelingSurf - Increase your website traffic


Best Manual Traffic Exchanges - 100% Real Website Traffic

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NewWaySurf - Earn Cash surfing!!!

1.WebmasterQuest - Targeted, web traffic 

2. EasyHits4U - Biggest Autosurf TE
3. TrafficG

4. QualityHits4u

5. HitLink

6. MembursRule

Why Is Website Traffic Exchange Important?
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Google, Yahoo, Bing and the rest search engines take in  account the numbers of unique visits to your website/blog every day. More and more views, means that your site is more likely to appear higher on the search engines results, for your keywords. More web traffic, means higher website ranking and even more exposure. 

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