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Increase Website Traffic
Increase Website Traffic
Autosurf Traffic Exchange

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Autosurfs are traffic exchanges that automatically rotate advertised websites in one's web browser. You view one website and in exchange someone else like you view your website. Therefore, they are capable of bringing a large amount of traffic to the advertised websites. Members earn credits for each site that they view, which can then be spent to advertise members' sites by adding them to the autosurf rotation. Sites may additionally be added by external advertisers who pay the autosurf operators.

Best Auto surf Traffic Exchanges

Best Auto surf Traffic Exchange
2. Hitleap

9. 10KHits

Auto surfing can significantly increase traffic to your website, allowing you to quickly earn credits or hits. Auto surfing is performed by an application that includes a timer. Users often open tabs for the websites, set the timer and allow the exchange to do the work. The user does not need to be near the computer as the auto surf application visits each site and then moves to the next site after the proper amount of time has elapsed.

Best Auto surf Traffic Exchanges- Tested

They were created for exchange page views automatically, without any manual effort from the surfer's part. The main goal is to increase website traffic.
Auto surfs are traffic exchanges that automatically rotate advertised website in one's web browser. So they are capable of bringing a large amount of traffic to the advertised websites. Members earn credits for each site they view, which can then be spent to advertise members' sites by adding them to the auto surf rotation.
Highly recommended is to use them as a Premium member (uprgade account). Traffic quality is The Best vs Free members - always get low quality web traffic, plus as a Premium member you are offered Premium features - Geo targeted traffic, Reduce Bounce rate, Custom source of traffic, Long visits ... !!!

The way they perform (quality of web traffic) in Google analytics and SemRush and the main futures they offers are listed below: 

Increase Website Traffic

BIGHITS4U is one of the most popular traffic exchange website on the web. It is the best way of gaining lots of high quality traffic to your website in order to boost  your website. It is almost the same as HitLeap - just one big FREE FEATURE - Visit Duration for Free plan is up to 100 seconds, Premium plan and Business plan is up to 300 seconds. 
Sign up now for Free account and then you can start earning points by visiting other user’s websites. The points you earned are used to provide web traffic  to your own website.
You can easily earn points by just running their software -  the bighits4u viewer. Download and running the software on the background of your PC, you can start  earning  free web traffic to your website as much as you want it!!!
BigHits4U Viewer is a State of Art, Hi-tech design traffic exchange app which delivers free organic traffic to your website - without crashing, no interruptions (no popup dialog box ),  no any extra attention ... just run it on the background and enjoy the traffic to your site. You can send the unique hits/visits  to your website, blog, Youtube video and even Social media Profile.

Affiliates: Earn up to a MASSIVE 15% CASH commissions and 10 % of the traffic on your direct (1st level) referrals

2. Hitleap

Free Website Traffic

Hitleap  is a leading, most popular and probably with the biggest members Autosurf exchanges. The website design is very simple, clean and easy to navigate. I believe that any new members can easily know how to use HitLeap’s features right away.  It’s a traffic exchange service that delivers free traffic to your website. With Hitleap, everything is simple. You can earn free traffic or buy a traffic package from them. Their Support team is always there to help you out. The main feature here is you will get Mobile traffic to your link, option another traffic exchange sites do not offer at all. Also you can get  good amounts of unique hits/visits  to your website, blog, Youtube video and even Social media Profile. Customize Traffic Source – You can enter any URL to receive hits from.You can configure Geo - targeting and traffic source for the visitors, bounce rate reduction and time for the visits/hits. As a free member, your Traffic Exchange Ratio is 70%. You can increase this ratio to 100% by upgrading your account to Premium. You can even change a bunch of options for your surfer. The timer for free plan users  is only 10 - 20 sec visits so you have to upgrade to get 40 - 60 sec web visits. At HitLeap, you have to download the HitLeap Viewer in order to view websites from other members to earn your “Minutes”. So you can run it on the background and start earning so much web traffic as you need! 
Alternatively, if you do not wish to download the software and runs on your computer, you can choose to buy traffic packages directly from HitLeap.
Affiliates: Earn up to a MASSIVE 25% CASH commissions and 10 % of the traffic on your direct (1st level) referrals

3. eBesucher

Advertising in the mail and traffic exchange

How can I earn money online?

Earn money online
You can visit websites of our partners through the surfbar the click campaigns and the mail exchange. For each visit of a website, you will get advertising points, BTP (visitor points, in the surfbar and for clicks) or MTP (mail points, for the mail exchange). Once you have reached the threshold of 2 Euro, you can request a payout through bank transfer or PayPal. The total worth of your advertising points is displayed in real-time in the members area.
How much money can I earn?

The amount of money that can be earned depends solely on how active you are and is not limited. If you visit many website and you participate actively, you will earn more money. We have already paid more than 1.000.000 Euro to our users. We do not limit the number of possible payout requests. You want to earn more money fast? Refer your friends and acquaintances and we pay you a lifetime bonus on all of their earnings. All of your friends can earn money on eBesucher and no previous knowledge is required!
When do I get paid?

Once you have requested a payout in the members area, see Earnings > Payout, our team will process your inquiry within the shortest possible delay. Processing your payment thus usually takes less than 7 days and will be processed within a week.

Advertising in the mail and traffic exchange

4. OTOHITS, fast and efficient autosurf

Otohits -  Simple, fast and efficient. Earn traffic for your site. Clear UI, totally free, hide the referrer on your sites and much more! This is one of the best autosurfs traffic exchange site ever!
– A quick registration.
– A fast validation of your websites, even automatic for certain websites.
– App for autosurf
– Randomize visit duration
– Add Even PTP sites
– An unique autosurf engine!
– A server ready to support thousands of users.
– 1 point = 1 second
– A dynamic timer from 10 to 90 seconds
– Unlimited number of websites!
– Referrer is hidden for your site if you want!

The Best about Otohits

So many great features and high qualify unlimited  web traffic  and many more ALL FREE!!!
  • All features are available on all accounts without paying anything, so  this makes me wonder if their  service  is the best traffic exchange!
  • Visitors are delivered as promised -  97% of successfully received web traffic, which is a very high percentage!!!
  • Websites are audited for malicious or poor content.
  • Custom user agents, referral URLs.
  • Geographically targeted visitors from many countries 
  • Viewer application used to generate “points” used as traffic exchange currency is available for both Windows & Linux, and seems stable & sounds are disabled.
  • Random click feature to reduce bounce rate (only for internal links).
  • Interface supports English, French & Spanish.
  • Sign up

247AutoHits  - Your Source for Unlimited FREE Website traffic  since 2006! - Auto Hits Traffic Exchange
247AutoHits is one of the worlds largest auto hits traffic exchange with  hundreds thousands users logging in and surfing everyday (over 700,000 website hits daily).
To all SEO fans, webmasters and bloggers who want to enjoy the unlimited web traffic on their websites and blogs will like the unlimited free traffic exchange system of 247AutoHits.

It is a state of the art Auto Hits Free Traffic Exchange Marketing Portal.  Looking for traffic for your website, affiliate page, blog, splash page or others? 247AutoHits is one of the largest auto hits traffic exchange on the planet. Let your website traffic be a worry of the past! Receive all the FREE WebSite Traffic that your website can handle!
247autohits is online since 2006 and delivers over 700,000 website hits daily to its members. Standard member get surf ratio 0.8/ per site visit and premium you get 120% (1:1.2) Surf ratio and can Add up to 100 URLs.
The site is one of the busiest autosurf exchange.
247AutoHits also offers Banner Advertising and text ads advertising on prominent locations.
In addition to traffic exchange system, various website promotional and referral cash commission earning schemes are also the part of 247AutoHits.
Affiliates: Earn up to a MASSIVE 50% CASH commissions and 10 % of the traffic on your direct (1st level) referrals.


  1. Real Quality Traffic
  2. Adjustable View Timer
  3. Hourly traffic control
  4. Anonymous - hide referrer
  5. Custom Referrer Service
  6. Bounce Rate Reduction
  7. Sessions on different IPs
  8. Referral cash earning up to 25%
  9. Banner & Text ad option

The web traffic you can get  is not simple at all  - so many special features. All  visitors come from natural, residential IP addresses. The timer is up to 60 seconds (free user) and up to  300 seconds  (upgraded user) -   60 seconds visit is perfect for free user plan compared to Hitleap 10-20 seconds only. Autowebsurf can deliver good amounts of unique hits/visits  to your website, blog, Youtube video and even Social media Profile.
Most importantly is this - you can get any source of traffic - Search engines, Social media and Custom link. Autowebsurf do offer something that not many traffic exchange offers at all - Banner, Text or Ads so important option. Banner, Text Impressions and Ads can deliver the best ultra targeted real website traffic. The stats (click through ratios, impressions, clicks etc..) can be viewed in real time. Banner, Text Impressions and Ads impressions can be purchased by cash or credits from your account.
Affiliates: Earn up to a MASSIVE 10 % CASH commissions and 10 % of the traffic on your direct (1st level) referrals.

It is leading traffic exchange sites on the Internet with an advanced set of features of any service. It helps you to get quality relevant traffic to your site.Rank Boost up have custom timer from 10 sec up to 60 sec and is integrated with an Alexa toolbar. It is advanced platform integrates mobile traffic which helps you to rank better in search engines for mobile devices. Also offers country targeting. You can get targeted website traffic from specific countries or geo-regions. You can choose keywords search engines traffic too and that will show up on your Analytics dashboard. You can select social media traffic - web traffic from Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram ...
Rank boost up offer a traffic exchange with best results. 

You can choose how many hits you want per day. It offers an auto-surf browser that automatically goes through and browses sites on the exchange. It can be left running in the background while you work.
Get Web traffic from here and you can boost your Alexa website ranking - ALEXA Website Traffic, Statistics, and Analytics.

At Rank Boost Up you can also buy 
Youtube High Quality, High Retention Views for a premium price - 20 $ for 5500 views (3.63 $/1000 Views) or 80 $ for 22500 views (3.55 $/1000 Views).
This is the cheapest in the market normally is 10 $/1000.
Facebook Post Likes 30 $ for 1000 likes or 55 $ for 2000 likes
Facebook Page Likes 40 $ for 1000 likes, 70 $ / 2000, 
110 $ / 4000, 200 $ / 8000 likes
Twitter Followers 30 $ for 1000, 50 $ for 2000, 160 $ for 8000 followers 
Twitter Retweets 15 $ for 1000 RT, 45 $ for 3250 RT, 100 $ for 7500 RT, 160 $ for 16 000 RT
Affiliates: Earn up to a MASSIVE 25% CASH commissions


free traffic

Autosurf and Manual surf traffic exchange!
Its mean that you can autosurf for website traffic and than to choose Auto views or Manual views to your website!!! 

9. 10KHits

Free website traffic to your site!

10KHits is a traffic exchange network site that has been around the web world  since 2011.  It is the best traffic exchange to get instant free website traffic to your site. 10KHits  offer  on-demand web  traffic and results to webmasters. It’s a traffic exchange that lets you continuously surf and earns points without any interruptions or pop-ups. It’s a nice application with a usefull dashboard. With 10KHits, you can earn your points and receive visitors to your website instantly. Its white label traffic, you can change the traffic source of your hits from  anonymous, custom, social, or organic.

Real Human Visitors: Well yes, these are real human beings that will be visiting your website. 
Boost Your Alexa Rank:  BIG BONUS  “Alexa rank is a site’s traffic rank compared to all other sites on the web” ! Alexa rankings are calculated based on the number of people that have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser and yes, more visitors will improve your Alexa rank.
Increase Website Value: More Web Traffic, leads and sells! Your website will become more popular, start making  some money and increase its value!!!
Lower Bounce Rate: So important future!!!
Skyrocket Web Stats: If you set your ad campaigns for 10 – 60 seconds, people will only stay there that long. Choose 60 seconds so visitors could have time to see your website. Them staying that long should really increase your chances of making a sale.
No Footprints: You can hide your traffic sources if you want to. You can choose from social media, search engine and geo targeting  web traffic!!!
The Positive features 

1. Different IPs & User Agents 
The hits come from different IP addresses and user agents — visitor browser types, versions and operating system are randomized to look natural.

2. Flexible Settings
Set the level of “Maximum Hits Per Hour” to a high setting and increase the “Visit Duration” to 60 seconds or more to make sure that pages are loaded until the end; that way you can get better amounts of traffic to your pages on free accounts.

3. Safe for Work
There is a “content on this page is safe for work” setting which seems to work well; so you can avoid such unfavorable situations.

4. Favors Paid Accounts
Upgrading to business or pro account level gives you a lot more benefits over free accounts: most importantly prioritized traffic, but also geo-targeting and custom traffic sources — good only for those who want to pay.

Their great support team is there for you 24x7x365. As a bonus you can read lots of articles for  search engine optimization, search engine marketing, website performance and much more. So sign up now!

Affiliates: Earn up to 15 % of the traffic on your direct (1st level) referrals.

Fully automated auto surf traffic exchange! Surf Members sites as they surf yours, automatically! Increase your website hits with great exposure and get results! 


Earn $0.005 For Viewing Banners or Text Advertisement.

1/1 traffic exchange!
10,000 credit signup bonus
10 second timer

1 credit per unique referral page view.
Referral Program
Level 1: 20%
Level 2: 10%
Level 3: 5%
Level 4: 5%
Level 5: 5%

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Best Traffic Exchange Sites - Tested


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