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Keyword research Tools

Best Free Keyword research Tools

As Bloggers, we all know the necessity of Keyword Research Tools

The importance of keywords on organic page ranking is significant.

The truth is that around 75% of the internet users never look past the first page of search results.
Leveraging the use of Keyword Research Tool is a must if you want to be on that first page!

For example, Using a clash of clan MOD Apk version gives you an edge over players from the original COC version. So, you get the point.

Benefits of using keywords search tools

1. It helps you dig deeper for high-value keywords

Keywords research tool can easily help you find high-value keywords for your website.
The tool not only shows you the data of the exact keyword you search for but also for some other valuable keyword related to your original term
Keywords research tools offer you thousands of related keywords for every search
In this way, you can dig much deeper into the long tail of a primary phrase.

2. It helps you identify and target profitable niche markets

Keyword research tool not only tells you exactly what people are looking for online but also shows the data of the market size and potential of any particular service or product

3. It helps you to keep tabs on your competitor

With all of the website and agency eyeing the Google #1 Spot and due to stiff competition, it's getting difficult harder and harder to rank
However, with the proper utilization and leveraging the Keyword search tools, analyzing its data and various other metrics, it lets you uncover many worthy keywords that are both popular and have a low level of competition.

4. It helps you target more moneymaking related keywords

Keyword search tools help you to generate or uncover moneymaking related keywords to your seed term or Phrase
For Example: For the keyword Buy shoes, The tool will spin out a bunch of keywords like Shoes for men casual, Shoes for men cheap, Branded Shoes, etc

5. Expand your long tail efforts
This is a great way of discovering Long tail keywords and LSI Keywords so that you can start optimizing your content around for long tail Keyword searches 

6. Prioritize your time properly
Instead of spending time, money and energy creating content on keywords that aren't gonna help you much bring in traffic and ROI
Keyword Research Tool simplifies that by allowing you to research Keywords that will actually bring you some sort of success

Now that we know the Benefits of the Keyword Research Tool
However, most Keyword research Tool are Premium so today I have decided to take away that Frustration from you and have Compiled a list of 5 Free Tools for your Keyword Research

6 Best Free keyword Tool For SEO

1.Google AdWords: Keyword Planner

The First one on our list is Google Keyword Planner and it's my personal favorite for many years

We all know how to use this tool so instead of showing how to use, i am gonna write about its pros and cons of Google Keyword Planner


a) Hyper-local Search Volume: This new feature is cool and very very helpful especially if you are running a Local Business. Because it allows you to drill down to specific geographical regions as targeted as individual zip codes. While the old keyword tool allowed users to search in either “local” or “global” columns, But now you can now target a specific city or area

b) Filter Out Keywords Below a Set Search Volume: let's say you don't wanna see keywords with less than 300 monthly searches. This tool lets you filter out keywords if their search volume isn’t up to the par.


a) No indication of trends: This tool averages the last 12 months of search volume to deliver the “average monthly searches” data. So if you like to see the trend you probably had to go to Google Trends

b) Device Segmentation is Gone: Now you can no longer target search volume for desktop, mobile or tablet.

2. IMforSMB

This tool works better if you are using it to research for local service companies, as it is designed with the concept to find local Keywords
The tool has a nice user Interface and Simple to use

Step 1. Select Your Business Types

Next, choose your service type

Enter your location and click  on “Generate Keywords.”

You'll probably find the same results even by using another tool, but this one gives a local approach.

3. Soovle

This tool is somewhat probably the same as Google Autocomplete suggestions
But here is the twist they not only provides autocomplete suggestions from Google but also from a variety of other sources such as Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Wikipedia, and Amazon.

However Google is their Default, but if you want to change simply click on one of the many other icons below the search box.

Simply Type in any term you wanna research and it will show you a bunch of suggestion
For this example, let's use the phrase  "best SEO"

You can change the different source to get more insight details of it
It's very simple and super easy to use

4. Ubersuggest

This tool is Just Amazing and it's free with no daily limit
It shows the monthly searches and CPC of that term

Type in your keyword to this keyword tool and click on “Look Up.”

You can also change the language and also the Sources to Web, Image, Shopping, YouTube, and News
You get the detail insights for that specific keyword

Not only that You also get all the Related Keywords to that Seed Phrase or term

5. KWFinder

This one has both Free plan and Paid Plan
However, with the Free plan, you can have 3 keyword lookups per 24 hours

But trust me, this tool will deliver you the very insight detail of that Keyword. It will show you the Related Keywords, Search Volume, List of websites ranking for that term, their social shares, links, Domain and page authority. Oh and I love this one it will also tell you how hard or easy it is to rank for that keyword

Enter your Keyword. You can also change the location and the language.
Obviously, you wanna rank in Google.com and not only on your local google.in or google.co.uk, etc

What's cool about this tool is that you get all the data on one page

6. Wordstream

Just like all the other tools You just enter the keyword, select your industry and the location. Hit the "Search" Bar

From there, you’re supplied a list of keywords

Note: You can get all the blurred out metrics by giving out some details of yours
First Enter your Email

Next, Fill out the necessary details

After you have completed all the required sign up steps
You will get all the data right in front of you


Keyword research should be taken very seriously in many ways. If you have some money to spare, I would convince you to spend it on tools like Ahrefs and Buzzsumo, etc

It's not that I am saying these free tools are bad, what I mean is that those premium tools provide more metrics and data which will help you grow faster, analyze your competitors and it will help you reach your goal faster

I recommend you to try out all these 6 tools and check out which ones the best for you.

Have you used any of these tools? If so which one and if there are any tools we had miss out let me know in the comment section RIGHT NOW

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