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5 Key Elements of High-Quality Websites

5 Key Elements of High-Quality Websites

What makes a website more successful than the others? The vast majority of businesses have their websites. Nowadays, it goes without saying that you need to make a website if you are considering running a business, even if you are just thinking of offering a service to a limited number of clients. 
Although it has become almost an automatic first step in setting up a company, it should not be taken lightly. Some things on your website could actually drive potential clients away, so be careful. Let’s see what some of the important elements of successful websites are.
  1. What Does Your Website Offer?

Have a clear and simple message communicated to the visitors of your website. Know what the purpose of your website and business is and stick to it. Explain who you are and what you have to offer as soon as possible, preferably in the About section or on the home page - make it short, but clear and precise. This is the first impression your potential clients get of you, so make a way to explain to them who you are and what you could do for them.
  1. Make it Mobile Friendly

How often do you access websites from your mobile? More people probably first visit a website from a remote place, sipping coffee somewhere, relaxing and just browsing the internet. Thus, it is quite frustrating if a website does not have a mobile friendly design. 
Make it user-friendly which means you need to be aware that your website is about to be viewed on multiple devices and screen sizes. Create a responsive design in order for your website to automatically adjust its content to suit various screens and thus improve user experience.
  1. Cover High-Quality Content

What would your clients like to be informed or educated about? This is what matters - this is the content you should include. Make it as original and relevant as possible. Don’t forget images either, since content with images and videos engage visitors more. In addition, websites with more images are what search engines love, they are ranked better.

Create a trustworthy content by sharing your expertise. It does not matter what industry you are in – if it is beauty, fashion or if you are in the gaming industry like AskGamblers website, which is offering fresh and accurate information about the online casino community around the world. Relevant, trustworthy and up-to-date content is what builds your credibility with potential clients and users. Additionally, if you have been awarded in your area of business, don’t be shy to promote it on your website. After all, it is a validation of your hard work and great effort – why would you hide it? Therefore, feel free to show off your achievements.
  1. Include a Blog and a Review Section

Blogging is not easy since it requires coming up with fresh content. However, it might be beneficial to your website and business in numerous ways by:
  • Positioning you as a leader. A way to present your skills, products, services and cover interesting stories from the industry you are in is by posting relevant content and showing your knowledge.   
  • Increasing traffic on your website by using keywords in your blogs. Compile a list of keywords or subjects you would like your business to be found for and use them throughout your posts.
  • Making your website rank better, since search engines love up-to-date content. 
On the other hand, letting your clients leave reviews is direct feedback that shows you what aspects of the business you need to work on and improve. Although negative comments and complaints might not be pleasant sometimes, you should take them as constructive criticism and turn them to your advantage. As Bill Gates said: “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Additionally, some negative comments could boost your credibility, since having only positive feedback appears fake, doesn’t it? 
  1. Call to Action

You have provided a lot of relevant content, but what do you want your visitors to do now? Make sure they are informed about all that you could offer them. However, sometimes you need to point the visitors in the direction you would like them to take. 
First set up your goals, bear in mind what you would like potential clients to do and then name your call to action. Don’t just let them browse through your site without knowing what to do next, since they might get bored and decide to leave. Sign up might seem too simple, but it could be just the right call to action. 
Although it seems everyone can make a good website these days, it is not the case. A high-quality website is not created overnight, it is a list of various things that should be constantly updated. Thus, you will need a lot of time and effort to make it serve the purpose – to attract new clients and motivate them to come back to your website. 

If a website looks incomplete or untrustworthy, it will impact your traffic. Raise your visitors’ interest in your products or services, making them feel informed, encourage them to contact you as this is the best way to increase your database and in the long run, establish a successful cooperation. So, how satisfied are your customers with your website? 


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