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Website traffic

Website traffic or Web traffic  is the amount of traffic a visitors and visits any website receives. Website traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors. 
Website traffic - web users who visit a website. Web traffic is measured in visits, also called "sessions" and it is best way to measure an online business effectiveness of attracting an audience (when web users becoming web site visitors).

Web traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website. This necessarily does not include the traffic generated by bots. Not all web traffic is welcomed. There is also "fake traffic", which is bot traffic generated by a third party. This type of traffic can damage a website's reputation, its visibility on Google, and overall web site domain authority.
e.So here in the Online Business and Internet Marketing, traffic refers to the users who visit a website. For example, when you visit a website, the communication, which happens between your desktop/laptop/Smart mobile phone and the website server, constitute the Website traffic.

Website Traffic

WEBSITE TRAFFIC is exactly what we do every day on internet. When we surf and browse internet every day we visit lots of web sites, that is the traffic for that web sites. Every website get a ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo ... ( Search Engines) based on the web traffic web sites get and its popularity over Social media sites and shares among them. So on the Base on that we see web sites as no. 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 ……… The number 1 ranked web site come to no. 1, just because lot of people visit this web site, so they got lot of traffic - meaning the website is useful and people like it!!! . This traffic is called WEBSITE TRAFFIC. 

Just like traffic on a motorways refers to the numbers of cars  travelling , website traffic is the number of web users called Visitors, who travel - surf and check out any given website. Each person/visitors, who logs on to a website is recorded as a visit or session, with a starting and ending point, thanks to behind-the-scenes communications between a user's device and the website hosting.
Web site traffic was initially viewed as an all-important metric for monitoring the success on the Web/Internet or Online business. This is like that due in to the lack of other business metrics to explain the .com phenomenon.
Web site traffic X conversion = Results > Profit > Online Business >>> Money
Web site traffic is still important and even most important as you can’t have conversions without visitors, same as normal business. No visitors/ clients to your shop, no business, no profit, no money!!!
Website traffic is specific for every page of your website as well, so whether you have a 1 page website or a 100-page website, each of those page's website traffic is configured independently of all other pages.

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Source/Type of Website Traffic
Monitoring and more information about your Source/medium of website traffic your website is getting is Google Analytics. The best and most popular used tool for tracking your  source of web traffic, but also for website’s visits, page views, bounce rate, time on site, etc. Getting to know how to use  Google Analytics will be extremely helpful in tracking your website’s performance.
Understanding how people/visitors landed on your website is a key component of optimisation. If you’ve ever looked at Google Analytics (you should), you’ve probably seen the words Direct, Referral, Social and Organic in relation to your traffic. These are the main sources, where your visitors come from — or what Google calls channels/mediums

1. Direct web traffic - The most common way a user can arrive at your website is by typing the URL into the address bar. This is known as direct traffic. Your visitor arrives directly without coming from anywhere else on the web.

2. Referral web traffic - The other way visitors can access your website is by coming from other websites; in this instance, the user lands on your website after following a link from another site. The link that the user clicked on is referred to as a “backlink,” as it links back to your website. This traffic is much more beneficial to the search engine optimisation (SEO) of your website as opposed to direct traffic, which has little to no effect. The reason is that Google and other search engines interpret backlinks as little doses of credibility for your website. If other credible websites are linking to your site, that must mean it is comprised of relevant and accurate content, which is exactly what search engines want.

3. Social media Web traffic Visitors coming from social networks and social media platforms like Facebook ...

4. Organic web traffic - Also known as a Search engine traffic
Organic web traffic is a special kind of referral traffic, defined as visitors that arrive from search engines. This is what most marketers strive to increase. The higher you rank for certain keywords, the more often your search result appears (increasing your impressions), ultimately resulting in more visitors (aka clicks). It’s also important to note that paid search ads are not counted in this category. 

Organic traffic is the opposite of paid traffic - visits generated by paid ads. Visitors who are considered organic find your website after using a search engine like Google or Yahoo - they are not “referred” by any websites.The easiest way to increase your organic traffic  is to publish quality and relevant content  regularly. The branch of online marketing that focuses on improving organic traffic is  SEO - Search Engine Optimization.

Search traffic: When visitors arrive at a website by clicking the search results, it is called search traffic. It is the traffic for which the site has not paid for. The paid search engine traffic on the other hand, results from people clicking on sponsored ads or search results for which websites need to pay.
Organic traffic: Organic traffic refers to the traffic, which refers to visitors arriving on a website based on unpaid (organic) results when they search for something particular using keywords on a search engine like Google or Bing. The opposite of paid search traffic, the visits are not generated by paid ads.
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Why Is Website Traffic Exchange Important?
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Google, Yahoo, Bing and the rest search engines take in  account the numbers of unique visits to your website/blog every day. More and more views, means that your site is more likely to appear higher on the search engines results, for your keywords. More high quality web traffic, means higher website ranking and even more exposure. 


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