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Hitleap is top traffic exchange service, providing high quality Geo - targeted web traffic and unique visitors for any websites. Hitleap is the Best and most popular Autosurf traffic exchange website on the world. Founded in 2008 HitLeap (the biggest advertising network) makes it so easy for website owners to get huge amounts of web traffic to their sites. They have the largest users base, so you can get free web traffic from so many different users. The website design is very simple, nice, clean and easy to navigate. With Hitleap, everything is simple and so easy to get Free web traffic. You can earn Free web traffic by autosurf/view others website (using its unique platform - HitLeap Viewer)  or buy web traffic packages.
Their Support team is always there to help you out. The main feature here is you will get Mobile traffic to your link. Huge Bonus!!!

Free Website Traffic

What is Website traffic? - Website traffic or Web traffic  is the amount of traffic a visitor and visits any website receives. Website traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors, guest or Internet users to a website. Shortly website traffic is the amount of visitors and visits a Web site receives. Moreover, website traffic is the number of people/web users - called Visitors visiting your website. WEBSITE TRAFFIC is exactly what we do every day on internet. When we surf and browse internet every day we visit lots of web sites, that is the traffic for that web sites.

What is Traffic Exchange? - Online Service, that helps you to increase Web traffic/visitors, website Search Engine ranking and Alexa rank (website traffic rank)!!! Traffic exchange - online service, where website owners exchange (autosurf or manual surf) or can buy website traffic.This increases the numbers of visitors to all web sites involved.

Free Website Traffic


Hitleap  is a leading, most popular and probably with the biggest members Autosurf exchanges. The website design is very simple, clean and easy to navigate. I believe that any new members can easily know how to use HitLeap’s features right away.  It’s a traffic exchange service that delivers free traffic to your website. With Hitleap, everything is simple. You can earn free traffic or buy a traffic package from them. Their Support team is always there to help you out. The main feature here is you will get Mobile traffic to your link, option another traffic exchange sites do not offer at all. Also you can get  good amounts of unique hits/visits  to your website, blog, Youtube video and even Social media Profile. Customize Traffic Source – You can enter any URL to receive hits from.You can configure Geo - targeting and traffic source for the visitors, bounce rate reduction and time for the visits/hits. As a free member, your Traffic Exchange Ratio is 70%. You can increase this ratio to 100% by upgrading your account to Premium. You can even change a bunch of options for your surfer. The timer for free plan users  is only 10 - 20 sec visits so you have to upgrade to get 40 - 60 sec web visits. At HitLeap, you have to download the HitLeap Viewer in order to view websites from other members to earn your “Minutes”. So you can run it on the background and start earning so much web traffic as you need! 
Alternatively, if you do not wish to download the software and runs on your computer, you can choose to buy traffic packages directly from HitLeap.
Affiliates: Earn up to a MASSIVE 25% CASH commissions and 10 % of the traffic on your direct (1st level) referrals.

As a free member, you are entitled to 2 Viewer Slots. But what does Viewer Slots means?
You can run up to this many instances of the HitLeap Viewer. Thus, Viewer Slots is the number of HitLeap Viewer (the program you downloaded earlier) instances you can run at one time. In simplicity, the number of windows you can open to view other’s website concurrently at one time! In this way, you can earn “Minutes” faster with more Viewer Slots.

As a free member, your Traffic Exchange Ratio is 70%. Traffic Exchange Ratio - You can earn back this much of the time you keep HitLeap Viewer running. This means that you can earn “Minutes” just by running your HitLeap Viewer. You can increase this ratio to 100% by upgrading your account to Premium.

Choose Your Web Traffic Source

Available to High & Ultra Plan users only.

HitLeap users can choose from 4 different web traffic sources - Direct, Referral, Organic Search traffic and Social traffic!


Direct traffic is essentially anonymous traffic. It is the only traffic source available to Regular Plan - Free use. I recommending for anyone to upgrades to the High and Ultra Plans, mainly because it’s much better high quality web traffic with longer visits times, geo targeting, bounce rate reductions 


Referral traffic means  you can specify any URL that you want to receive referral traffic from. This works whether you own the domain you select to receive the traffic from or not.For example, if you have some reason to make it appear as like you’ve received a large amount of traffic fromURL (eg. www.anywebstuff.com) as your referral traffic source.

Google Analytics will show referral traffic from that particular URL, just as regular referral traffic does.

Referral Traffic Use - 2nd best traffic source behind Search traffic. Its mean authority.


Select the specific keywords you want to receive traffic from. Some SEOs believe you can boost your SERP rankings by sending large amounts of traffic to your site from specific search terms (essentially fooling Google via Google Analytics in the process), and this debate hasn’t been entirely resolved. I don’t believe it would work, though that doesn’t mean sending hits from organic search traffic isn’t valuable in other ways.

Google Analytics: Shows up as organic traffic from Google. You can see the specific search phrases you selected either in Google Analytics or in Google Search Console.

Organic Search Traffic - traffic from Search Engines its simply THE BEST 


Send traffic from any of the following list of social media websites and apps: YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, VK, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

Social Traffic - Social traffic is so important too ... long story, but more social traffic means higher Search engine ranking 


Available to Ultra Plan users only.

Geo Targeting or Geo Marketing is a term used to describe the focusing of website's marketing activity to a targeted country or region. So for example if you have business in USA you need targeted visitors from USA only - not from Poland or Germany. You got the point.

Geo targeting traffic with Hitleap is possible - just choose the country you need traffic from. 

Hitleap memburship level

Free - direct traffic source only; visits 10 - 20 seconds; Website to promote Up to 3.

High - Referral, Social, Search traffic avalible, visits 20 - 40 seconds; Website to promote Up to 15. Monthly Bonus Hits - 10 000. Price $14 - very good price !!!

Ultra Referral, Social, Search traffic + geo targeitng traffic avalible, visits 40 - 60 seconds; Bounce rate reductions too. Website to promote Up to 30. Monthly Bonus Hits - 30 000. Price $39 - very good price for all extras!!!

I do recommend to use Hitleap as a Upgradated user!

Hitleap is one of the best web traffic providers. WHY? It is the biggest traffic exchange network in the world. Therefore you should get more and probably the biggest audience in the world.
I do recommend to use it as a premium membership as you can get longer pages views up to 60 seconds. Apart from that you should advertise Splash pages, Landing pages Email newsletters and so on. I do no recommend do advertise directly your website.

How to use Hitleap - Follow my instructions !!!
  1. Use Hitleap as a free user Only to promote Slpash pages, Landing pages, gain subscribers, sign ups and emails, referrals ... 
  2. If you want to promote directly your Website i STRONGLY RECOMMEND to do so only as a premium user - or if you dont care much about SEO, Bounce rate, Alexa traffic rank ... go for it no problems
  3. CreateSplash pages with your links - example 1example 2example 3
  4. Use traffic rotators provided by some TE - example 1 example 2
  5. Surf a lot - you need website traffic?

HitLeap Alternatives 

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7. 10KHits Organic, Geotargeting, Social & Mobile Traffic. Low Bounce rate 

8. Nice Autosurf -  Low bounce rate + SEO BOOST,  Mobile traffic Add Unlimited Links

9. BigHits4U -  Custom timer up to 300sec;  Organic, Geotargeting, Social & Mobile Traffic. Low Bounce rate 

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11. Visit-Easy - Low bounce rate + SEO BOOST,  Mobile traffic Add Unlimited Links

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13. WebSurf - Organic Search Engine Traffic

14. eBesucher  BIG CASH. Sell credit for Money 

15. WebSyndic - 2 millions users, Geotargeting, Social & Mobile Traffic. Low Bounce rate Add Unlimited Links

Babylon Traffic - Recommended Sign up

LeadsLeap - Powerful Marketing Tools

Traffic Era - Engagement with people & groups in real time. Social Hub 

1. EasyHits4U - Biggest Manual TE
2. WebmasterQuest - Targeted, web traffic 
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4. TrafficSwarm - 2 000 000 members WOW

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8. NewWaySurf - Earn Cash surfing!!!

9. ManyHit - Manual & Autosurf TE, text & 

banners Ads, Earn cash surfing Recommended
10. FinestTraffic - Quality web traffic 

Website Traffic Exchanges are monitored constantly using Google AnalyticsAlexa web rankSemrush - The best SEO Tool

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